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  1. Hello ! I'm actually Working on a project of underwater Bubbles using the pyrosolver. I'm using a first sim for creating a velocity field (mixing turbulence and an animated 3dmodel) and for the second sim i'm creating a smoke that I'want it to be advected by the first one (using the velocity of the first pyro sim) but I don't find the good way to do that, this is the vel from the first Sim and this is the second whant that need to get de vel from the first one. I don't know how to use the vel from the first sim and if I have to put something in "velocity update" or "advection" . Any Idea please ? thanks =)
  2. Hi Ryew, hi librarian, thanks for the video, it's one of the first I've watched for my problem and it's very useful for using layer mix. it's very similar to what i'm looking for. But I want to replace the noise that he uses as alpha by an animated bitmap sequence that I created. (instead of using a noise as alpha I want to use animated sequence maps) The difference seems to be ridiculous but I don't find the way to do it. using a texture node can work but only for one frame, it's not using maps as animated sequence so it's very frustrating. Do you know a way to do it ?
  3. VDB From Polygons , HOLES IN VDB

    Hi Fenolis, thank your for your explanation, I understand the cause of my problem now.
  4. Hi everyone, I'm currently working on a material who mixes 2 shaders and I'm facing a stange issue. How to layering 2 shaders using a map in houdini ? I tried using the layermix and it works but only using a noise as alpha (pluged in alpha) But when i'm trying to use a map there is only the shader 2 who is render the map I want to use is a .pic sequence has alpha and using as mask for wetmap. Does anyone know the right way to use a map as mask for shaders ? maybe I'm not using the layermix correcltly or maybe using a texture node plugged in alpha is not the good way to do it..I don't know. There is not much information about the layermix in Houdini Help... Thans for your help !
  5. VDB From Polygons , HOLES IN VDB

    SOLVED ! Thanks for your advices and ideas Grand Master. I tried your way too Paranoidx and it works fine, it's a very powefull way for remeshing ! I Still wonder why voxels are so wierd... Thank you Guys !
  6. Hi everyone, I've an issue with vdb and i can"t find a way to solve this (so that's why i'm here haha) I'm working on a fluid simulation and i need to get the mesh into vdb to use it as collision surface. I'm trying to get a polygon mesh into vdb with the node vdb from polygone but there is holes and artefacts.. the issue is when i'm converting polygons into vdb with vdb from polygons there is a lot of holes into the vdb and I can't use it for my sim ( the particles goes through it). I think the problem comes from the mesh but I can't find what it is. (the mesh comes from Zbrush) I tried with a collision source node, same result as vdb from polygons. I can't find a way to get a clean vdb fron this mesh. So I wonder where those holes coming from and how can I fix it ? If someone have the solution, that will be great =D thanks a lot !
  7. pinned constraint and rbd bullet solver

    No, it's a Rigid Body Solver. I wan it to be broken like metal or concrete, and I don't find the way to get something rigid with vellum.
  8. Hello everyone ! I've got some issue with a rbdbullet solver, most precisely with rbd constraint. I'm trying to simulate a props destruction but in the same time I want it to be pinned constraint to another object (who is animated in the scene), and i can't find the way to do it. ( the props to sim is attached to another object who moves and in the same time is simulated a rbd bullet solver). I tried with the new rbd configure, pin constraint, I use bound from another object but went the parent object move, the sim props loose the pin constraint. maybe i'm doin it in the wrong way... If someone wants to take a look I attached the scene Shear Test 05.hiplc Here is a more explicit picture. The green is the object simulated, the Blue is the static bound geometry and the Red is the pinned animation constraint. I want the green to be attached to the red. Can comeone solve my problem ? Ho, and I'm on Houdini 18 Thanks a lot ! Shear Test 05.hiplc