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  1. RBD rotation constraint

    This is perfect! Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks so much. If I could make one final request about the most recent file shared(the one in the last post). Would you be able to explain what exactly is happening in the setup? At least the important parts like how the pivot is set up and how the constraints work. I would really like to know the breakdown of how this works so I could more easily recreate the effect in the future Thanks!
  2. RBD rotation constraint

    Thanks alot Yigit! This is just about exactly what I was trying to do. Now, I have a part 2 to this project. If I wanted to have the locked object slowly rotate back to it's initial position after being struck, how might I set that up?
  3. RBD rotation constraint

    I'm looking to create an effect where an object (for the sake of simplicity, lets say is just a box), can be affected by rbd objects, but only rotationally, and the center position of this box remains locked at a single point position. You can kinda imagine if the object is suspended in a gravity field where it's center of gravity doesn't move, but it's able to rotate freely and be influenced by other objects. The only sources I could find that deal with constraints like this either involve multiple object strung together, or some kind of spring constraint. I just want the object to rotate around it's center point when influenced by another rbd object, without changing it's center point position. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!