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  1. Oh seems the pack edit cause the problem... thank you! You made my day
  2. Hello folks! I'm trying to make a wood fracture with a bullet sim. I fracture the object with boolean then set-up a basic bullet solver. Everything goes perfectly until I add glue constraints. I use connect adjacent pieces as usual, then when I load it with glue constraint relationship and play the simulation, Houdini crashes. Without the constraints, Houdini doesn't crash... My Houdini is 16.0.736 (stable version as Houdini official), Here's the source file... Thanks! Marco Wood_Fracture.Bug.hipnc
  3. Bullet: Activate on Collisions or Start Sleeping

    Emm... seems this method cannot mix with constraints network... because the constraint is not able to detect impact
  4. Convex hull problem

    I've checked concave... it doesn't have any issue, but this is not practical...
  5. Convex hull problem

    Hi there, I'm currently trying to make some wood piece fracture simulation, and there is some weird result... After debugging, I found the generation of convex hull is the problem of my simulation... I use boolean fracture in this case and the explode view just look fine. But when I import the pack geo and see the convex hull, there are some weird hole and shapes. Any reason for this to the creation of wrong convex hull? Any tips are welcome! thanks everyone! Convexhull_issue.hipnc