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  1. Flatten VDB sdf from multiple VDBs?

    You save my life. Give this man a free beer!
  2. Flatten VDB sdf from multiple VDBs?

    BTW any workaround using 16.5?
  3. Flatten VDB sdf from multiple VDBs?

    I've just found this new option in 17.5 thanks. (i was using 16.5 previously). Thanks
  4. Flatten VDB sdf from multiple VDBs?

    Hi guys I'm currently working on a Particle collision situation with pre-sim RBD (converted to VDB SDF already). The SDF is a combination of multiple SDF moving within a timeframe, is there any way (or workaround) to flatten multiple vdb sdf into single VDB so POP static object can read properly (default volume collision did not support multiple SDF I think)? Anyway to flatten it? Thanks! Here's the VDB file. filecache2.v1.0040.bgeo.sc filecache2.v1.0040.bgeo.sc
  5. RBD Impact shelf problem

    nevermind. I pump up the threshold and now it's done. Thanks!
  6. RBD Impact shelf problem

    emmmmm still doesn't work using 17.5... can you give sample file?
  7. RBD Impact shelf problem

    how about H16.5.634?
  8. RBD Impact shelf problem

    Hi, I've tried the impact shelf too to create a particle system in an impacted area. I use a simple sphere with Voronoi fracture. Default 5 Voronoi points work fine with the default Impact tool. But then I increase to 500 Voronoi point impact failed (no point display in the viewport or geo spreadsheet). Seems like more piece does not favor the impact tool. Any workaround method, how to setup proper RBD impact manually? The only different is the scatter count. Working - Five scatters point. Not Working - 500 scatters point. //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Impact_ShelfTool_Work.hip Impact_ShelfTool_NotWorking.hip // //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Thanks
  9. Wow, that's exactly what I'm looking for! But I don't understand... Why using a pop emission make constraint works?!What's the mechanism behind it? Also, I see you pre-record (in wrangle) the @pivot instead of using the default RBD center mass option. Why did you do that? Thanks btw. YOU MADE MY DAY.
  10. Hello folks, I'm working on an RBD simulation that needs constantly spawning packed geometry over time. Simply add $F in the creation frame to create a specific object every frame. The spawning overtime setup has no problem at all. By simply add a connectivity sop and delete sop. But then the problem came while creating a constraint so each piece generated per frame can have their own glue. I've tried to force "overwrite with SOP" to load constraint every frame but no good result and go crazy. Any way to solve this particular situation to generate proper glue constraint to make it works? any tips? Here's the file. Constant_Spawn_COnstraints.hip Thanks a lot!
  11. animated Alembic switch to RBD Sim

    I didn't dig into your file yet... I think you can inherit the point velocity then create RBD object at Frame 713. After your sim is done, add a merge between sim and your alembic. Not sure if it suits your case, I will check the file later...
  12. How to shatter animated objects?

    shattering_animation_Solution.hipnc Here's the solution. I don't check your simulation land. Just the fractured land. The red part was what I have added to your node graph. The green one is optional. Cheers
  13. Boolean shatter troubleshoot - failed

    Hello folks! I have a pre-fractured piece which is a watertight mesh (from the previous simulation) and cutting plate (grid with noise) and planned to do a secondary fracture. Direct boolean fracture is failed to cut them apart. Meanwhile, when I VDB remesh the pieces before boolean fracture it works like a charm. Here's the network. Fracture result: LEFT(VDB remesh before shatter): The cutting is working as expected. Mid(Regular remesher before shatter): The cutting is not working at all. Right (Original pieces): The cutting is not working at all. I tended to use the original pieces as I want to have the original UVs. But the fracture is failed. Any tips to prepare pieces to fit into boolean shatter tools? What's actually causing the problem here? Thanks! File for troubleshooting:Booleanshatter_TroubleShoot.hip