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  1. Import attribute into VOPS

    So I started watching this excellent tutorial about creating a spiderweb and got 3 minutes in.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LFkzD9cgxek It's over my head with the coding at the moment so I thought I would try to create the same with SOPs and a bit of VOPs. I got pretty far pretty quick, and everything works so far (some dodgy maths, and weird values that work), but I am stuck on the VOPs bit. I want to randomise the rotations for the spar angles, I have them setup as primitive attributes, each one having a different number. I can get the attribute into VOPs (I think), but I'm pretty stuck at how to implement the randomisation per piece/attribute. Any help appreciated. HIP file attached. ) spiderweb_v002.hip
  2. Custom attribute in a for each loop

    Thanks for the clarity, that does help a lot. Ahhhhh of course. Great.
  3. Custom attribute in a for each loop

    3Dome, thank you very much indeed. Of course. detail = detail. I am idoit. All is clear(er). I don't know why I thought I needed to reference iterations. I think it's because I was previously creating geometry and scaling each iteration, and I just got confused. And if you were working on primitive attributes you would use prim(surface_node, prim_num, attrib_name, attrib_index) So the point number is obviously 0 as there is only one box coming in, and its just referencing the incoming transform (& attribute) in the copyToPoints node for each copy based on the templated points? And if I wanted to use a 3 value float Attribute for scale, instead of a transform sop I would use a point vop and somehow get the attribute inside that? Any idea why using the pack option on the copyToPoints node loses the colour attribute? Many thanks, Jim
  4. Ok so just when I thought I had got my head around for each loops, I am struggling to get a custom attribute into a transform. The attribute is certainly seen by the copy to points node. and when I try to detail it in the transform, it justs gives back a zero. I've tried by including the transform in the for each loop, with a block begin fetch input etc. Makes no difference. (Using the spare input and -1 tag instead of the "../iteration". I've tried all combinations of cases @ signs, $ signs and whatever else. The "global attributes" colour and the scale nodes work fine. effector_v003.hip
  5. Rotate individual polys around their normals

    Thanks Garf, Much appreciated.
  6. Hi all, Apologies for the basic question, I am literally taking my first steps here so will genuinely appreciate any help at all. I want to do a couple of simple operations but I am kind of stuck, I've tried a load of stuff, looked online and got nowhere. #1 Rotate each poly in the group shown in red around its own normal. #2 Edgeloop along each connected set of the group shown in blue I might be trying to run before I can walk ?