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  1. SOP Solver Issue

    I'm having a strange issue. For some reason in my SOP solver, the geo will only show pieces rather than the whole thing. I would love any ideas or input thank you, everyone!
  2. Fluid Explosion with Viscosity

    James, you are the best! Thank you so much man! I'm sorry I'm such a noob haha.
  3. Fluid Explosion with Viscosity

    Hey guys, I was having a little trouble with my fluid explosion. I want it to be very similar to this but I'm having a few problems. 1. The ground plane doesn't react with the fluid. 2. I want the explode the fluid in a series of directions but for some reason, it is only going in one. 3. I can't seem to get it to burst. Instead, it keeps emitting I'm sorry I haven't done any fluid simulation before but really want to learn. Thank you! Fluid_Explosion_002.hip