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  1. vellum blend(inflate objet)

    Thank yo very much for response. I did some changes in my geo in terms of mesh and is working perfectly. I also I have increase my substep as you said. Now my next goal is try in to inflate my geo by areas, i mean, not all the same time, first front area of the car, the nthe middle and finally the back. Lest see If i can get a good result. Thanks all.
  2. vellum blend(inflate objet)

    Thanks for the reply Noobini. I tried that too, but still not working properly.
  3. vellum blend(inflate objet)

    Hi all Im testing vellum blend for a personal work . I have attached a file where I inflate a torus and a pighead. I need to do it with a rest position so I have used a vellum blend to control of how start the geo animation and how it ends. With the torus works very well but if i use the pigheadtest is not working as expected. Torus and pighead has almost same size, points, and primitives. Is the pighead not working as expected because of the shape of the geo?? This is my question. If I apply a polyreduce to the pighead I start to get accurate results, but the things is that I want to do it with a high poly car model, so I would like avoid polyreduce to get good results. I have noticed that with high poly models is almost impossible to inflate using this method. Also Im trying to inflate by areas, I mean, per example inflate first the head of the pig and then the ears, in a gradual way. Can any one point me the right direction with this?? Thanks a lot for any help my friends inflating_test.hip
  4. rain system question

    Thanks a lot both. really easy answer, thanks for your time
  5. rain system question

    Hi all, I need some help I have a group of particles falling on a floor.(see file atached) When they hit the ground they become a splash through a pop replicate within a group. Now what I need is to make the main particles invisible, that is, I just want to render the splashes. Exactly how I have it now, but rendering only the splash What would be the best way to do this? I'm stuck with this simple one. Thanks so much for any help. RAIN_question.hiplc