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  1. Orient of a point in a line

    Hey Joachim, your explanation made a lot of sense! I implemented your suggestions and removed the second point, instead I merged in the initial point. The issue arises with the Normals for the merged point, or maybe I'm not sure of where in the stream I should resample? line_Orient_Vector.hip
  2. Orient of a point in a line

    Thanks a lot for the reply, Joachim. I have tried to implement what you said in a Point Vop and have attached it to the file. For some reason , the second point in the line does not seem to be oriented. Do you have any idea why? Could I be that my VOPs is incorrect? Thanks line_Orient_v04.hip
  3. I have a snippet that scatters points on a grid and for each point, creates a unit vector Line comprised of two points that point at an object (in this case, a point). Everything works fine until I add the 'orient' attribute to the system. For some reason, it treats the rotation of all points as one and the axis is at the scene center. What I'm trying to do is have each point have it's own local rotation so that if I copy a geo to these points, they will aim at that object instead of staying upright. I've attached the scene file Thanks! line_Orient_v03.hip
  4. SOP Solver first frame

    Thanks a lot vic that makes a whole lot of sense now! I should add this to the comments of their video to let others know. Appreciate the help!
  5. SOP Solver first frame

    After multiple attempts and adding a switch node to Input one with condition $F==1 and switching to the previous frame it still doesn't work.. volumeGradient_v02.hipnc
  6. Hi there I was following some of the Entagma tutorials on SOP solvers and I came across a minor problem shown above. How do I get the SOP solver to function on the first frame? Currently it is saying that Vdbadvect1 requires a vector, it seems to work every now and then when I disconnect it and hook it up. I remember there was a way to add a switch node on the first frame, any ideas? Thanks!
  7. Explosion 'shockwave' on rigid bodies

    Update - There is no solution except to open the file up in 3DS Max and export the contents to an alembic file - they won't crash if you import this in Maya. Thread is resolved.
  8. Explosion 'shockwave' on rigid bodies

    Hi all, I managed to find a solution by using a Magnet Force SOP. Now I am having an issue where my alembic exports are crashing Maya - I have read that the solution is the change the animation speed to something slower but I am not sure how to go about this so Maya doesn't crash when I load the alembics. I have attached the updated files, Thanks and Best Regards, blast_shockwave_v02.hipnc explosion_test.zip
  9. Hi there all! I have what I think is a relatively simple concept but I'm having a hard time pulling it off. Simply put, I have some objects on a desk that will be exploded outwards as if there was a shockwave from an explosion behind it. Currently I've gone the route of using a Fan and Wind but for some reason I'm not getting the proper results. The idea is to have the objects 'thrown' forward so I can get a freeze frame later on. Any input or suggestions to improve from the current implementation would be greatly appreciated as I'm currently starting my dynamics adventures in Houdini. The scene file as well as objects used have been attached, thanks and best regards! blast_shockwave.hipnc explosion_test.zip
  10. Thanks again for your time, I have attached the script and the objects. What I am trying to achieve is to cut the strip while it is moving downwards so that after it is cut, we see some of the strip that is still moving downwards. Basically like a projector film strip, if you cut it, the film strip will keep piling up a little bit I have attached the scene file For now what I have done is the extend the strip so that it is longer (to act like it is a long film strip) and I have keyframed transforms in the SOP. This doesn't seem to work, as you can see in the attached file. I have another problem where it isn't properly interacting with static objects. I appreciate your help cutting_wire_Test_v02.hipnc cutter.abc plate_1.abc plate_2.abc projector.abc spool_B.abc spool_L.abc spool_R.abc
  11. The issue is that pinto animation is on for the topmost points so even if the geo translates it is still bouncing back up
  12. Thanks so much for your help! Finally, do you know where I would key anination so the strip is cut while it is moving downwards? Would I key it in the Wire solver? Or the geo Thanks again for your assistance . I appreciate it
  13. Thank you immensely for taking the time to help me and provide examples. Both solutions have been extremely helpful, Vic, do you know how I would go about including an object that is stationary that the strip falls into once it is cut? Right now when I place geo and make it an RBD I can't get the strip to collide with it Thanks a lot
  14. Thanks for the reply Noobini, let me clarify my question a bit better. Put simply : I have a simple plane that is being Translated downwards continously. I have an object that slices this plane and rips it into two. That's pretty much it, but to the nature of the plane (a plastic film strip) I wold like it to pile up a bit (as it is moving downwards) while it goes off frame. That's pretty much it I would greatly appreciate any pointers, currently I am still where I left off with the example in the first post - A wire solver using a Wire Capture to deform Geo but I can't for the life of me figure out how to fracture the wire and have the Geo do the same. Thanks!
  15. Hi there just wondering if anyone has any suggestions for this problem? Regards