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  1. Dissolving of two people into dust.....

    Thanks Flay sorry for the delayed response that looks great but the effect that was being done was non moving but that one looks awesome... thanks for sharing.. the effect that was being done was just like wind blowing some greenscreen footage into the wind. thanks everyone for the replies... george
  2. Dissolving of two people into dust.....

    Nice thanks ....
  3. Dissolving of two people into dust.....

    Thanks for the link... I was thinking this approach as well... thanks.... George...
  4. Dissolving of two people into dust.....

    hey Luke thanks for the reply yes i have didn't know if that was a good approach for this... since there both moving. But will start off with it and post it to see if it's good or if i need further help. thanks man.. george
  5. Hey Guys, Sorry to bother you guys with this type of thing but I have one shot to do that is bit tricky for me to totally figure out.. It's two people who come together and turn into a pile of sand like the mummy effect and as some one did before using houdini a dissolving girl.. This would be the Effect they showed me . I don't remember if this has been covered already Forgive me for bringing this up if it has.... I was just wondering what would be the best approach to get this type of effect but with two people who are walking towards eachother that would come together blend turn into a pile of sand... thanks for any help in advance... George
  6. underwater atomic explosion

    thank u so much for sharing this... I have ben tring to do this same effect for along time... thanks for sharing this information... George
  7. Hey man great job on that commerical... nice use of metaballs... congrates... George
  8. Roadshow Spoilers

    thanks Robert for the info I wish i can go to the roadshow... I didn;teven open my mouth about the fluids but i;m glad they came out sooon... George
  9. Siggraph 2006

    hahah that was funny ....Lightwave Shmightwave. hahahah... well i see the evil thoughts on other software here in forums... I sense the darkside looming... I hope this year's houdini booth is good. I know it;s not LA and all but i hope it;s going to be a good one this year....
  10. Houdini Dvd's From Sesi

    from what i got an email from aliza from Sesi Santa Monica office they are in the process of doing just that making them into dvd's ... She said it will be posted on the site when they are fully avalible ... So i hope this is real... this would be the first time they do their own dvd's so i see that the demand is getting up there ... Maya has had dvd;s for years so i guess people are used to them... But this would be great if Sesi did the same to get the talented artists out there a chance to learn houdini the same way they do everything else... Because the artists are still scared of the interface and methology that houdini has ... I wouldn't be surprised if one day they finally balence out with the rest of the competion but how knows ... I know i have been diing to get something like this done. for a very long time.. get those pot holes covered .... George
  11. Siggraph 2006

    Hey guys i see you guys are mostly going to Boston ... i would love to go to this get together since i have seen this website since it started it would be great to meet some of you guys.. Just a couple of questions do you guys know if there is a user group meeting this year or no?? Hope to sharing beers with somer you guys i hear these kind of things are stuff of legend at siggraph.. In 97 it was realy fun.. the last one i went to... well anyway later guys... See you guys there... George
  12. Wondering about how maya and houidini work in

    Thanks for the help you guys . I really apprectiate all the advice you have given me on this .. Well Eward i Wish we had H7 at school to do just that but i'm kind of cheating the way the schoool is set up it;a basically a MAYA school. I am running Houdini from Home. Hopefully they will get a H7 in school so we can use to learn it and use ti.. We have Renderman there but it;s thru MAYA MTOR .. If they do get h7 that i can render with out water marks then i would put renderman through H7 . i'm sort of going on my own with this well not really asking you awesome houdini gurus for help on how to achieve this . I got permission to mix and match what ever i know in applications to create the end result. Hopefully when i'm all donee i can send it to SESi for the student reel if they have one. But thank you guys very much on giving me advice ... thanks for the tips... George
  13. Wondering about how maya and houidini work in

    Thanks Marc, Yeah i was thinking about that to just composite it all together in later but would that affect the over all feel to it at all. Becuase most of the modeling would be done in Maya since i'm not too versed in Houdini as to be doing a huge project like this as the main package. I am mostly versed in the fx part of it. I would love to do the whole thing in Houdini if i knew how to use it for everything. So it's only the fx part of it that I would be mixing Maya scenes into Houdini for the destruction of the models. I wondering if there is any update on the new rigid body dynamics engine for houdini yet. I hear it's supposed to be really good . So I would love to learn more Houdini to not have to model and animate in MAYA since it's also a pain sometimes I wish it worked like Houdini sometimes. So yeah I would be mixing and matching and outputing it with either renderman or mental ray ... for my senior thesis at school. George
  14. Wondering about how maya and houidini work in

    WEll most of what i wa thinking of was to do all the particle fx and destruction scenes that i have in Houdini as well as flock of birds that fly around. ANd the rest of it being done in maya for the characater aniamtion and modeling. Shake to composite. So my thing was if it is recomended to do this.. As the i feel particles and fx are better in Houdin then they are in MAYA. Since this is a school thesis project i didn;t know if it;s recommended to do something like this... i just wosh the Rigid body dynamics were abit stronger. sorry this is just me talking out of my #** ... Either way Houdini is awesome...... George 3d mind body and soul
  15. Hey Guys sorry if this has been answered before, I'm doing a thesis project that i will be using MAYA and Houdini side by side in production of my VFX short. It;s about 1:30 to 2 mins worth of animation. So my question is how seamless is working between the two in production . Has anyone did projects requiring to use them both interchangably? And if they can breath some light to this... I want to use Houdini for all the fx and maya for the character animation.. thank you very much in advance ... George