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  1. Hi, I'd like to learn how to apply textures / shaders to the growth curves in Ben Watts' excellent Shortest Path tutorial https://vimeo.com/197596529. I've managed to follow the tute to produce the unshaded product, & would love to understand what the process is to produce a final shaded version similar to the opening screen shots in the video. I've seen Lester Banks suggest using the UV Texture SOP, setting this to Rows & Columns & the attribute class to Points, then using an Attribute Wrangle to access the UV value of any point. However my Wrangle / VEX knowledge is beginner at best. Is it not possible to apply a Principled Shader to this point growth in some way? Any hints would be greatly appreciated. Thanks very much for your time. J EDIT: SOLVED. Worked out that I can in fact simply add a shader to the polywire growth. Not sure why I had trouble with this initially.
  2. Wow. That makes sense. It is indeed a zig-zag learning curve. Thanks so much for your advice. Very much appreciated!
  3. Hi all, First time poster, very new Houdini learner. Attempted to render a FLIP fluid simulation in Mantra, rendered to disk. Changed the file save type from .exr to .pic as I had read that this removes the watermark for Apprentice users. The render took 4 hours, however the resulting file output is a single .picnc file of 2017kb. Having looked over the Mantra parameters (screenshots attached of what I thought might be relevant information) I can't see anything that might explain why this happened. If anyone has any suggestions they would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance for your time & advice.