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  1. Chanel Series

    Yeah, I got my farms
  2. Chanel Series

    Thanks for the feedback! Just 30 min on every rendering
  3. Chanel Series

    New Project https://www.behance.net/gallery/104198553/THE-CHANELSERIES
  4. Tenet Mask

    Next time Houdini
  5. Tenet Mask

    Appreciate it, thank you!
  6. Tenet Mask

    Thank you so much!
  7. Tenet Mask

    One day project inspired by the movie TENET. Modeling - MoI Rendering and Setup - Houdini / Redshift
  8. Abstract in Houdini V2

  9. Houdini to Unreal

  10. Houdini 3d Camera Solver / Tracker

    Thanks for the information! Ill have a look!
  11. Hay there Forum! Can anyone recommend a good 3D-Tracker / Solver application? Currently got pf track and mocha 5 in mind. Any other recommendations or suggestions?
  12. Just some RnD

    Just some RnD
  13. Some new Video