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  1. Some new Video
  2. Some new tutorial
  3. Houdini - Let's build a Crystal!

    You are welcome!
  4. Houdini - Let's build a Crystal!

    Hope my English will get better over time
  5. Houdini - Let's build a Crystal!

    Just my way of teaching. Next time just post a comment friendly and with more constructive criticism on youtube, thanks.
  6. Motion Design Course

    Some new Course!
  7. Nike Vapormax

    Some simple RnD https://www.behance.net/gallery/87023883/Nike-Vapormax
  8. tim j website

    My website is online now! Have a look. www.timj-design.com
  9. Abstract Visuals - Houdini and Redshift Link: http://bit.ly/2ZFfdti This course is about the creation of visual abstract effects in Houdini. At the same time, this course is also about Redshift for Houdini. Things we create together: abstract lines, geometric shapes, crystals out of this world and an ornametal structure. At the end of this course we are going through a pdg pipeline for redshift. I'm looking forward to the course! See you in the course! Tim
  10. Thin Laptop for Houdini

    Thanks for the Tip!
  11. Thin Laptop for Houdini

    Thanks for the tips! Yeah I think the Razer will be good! Also got a Friend with the Aero Laptop
  12. Hay Community, Looking for a good laptop for RnD Houdini work. Thin and good performance does anyone have experience with Razer Blade or similar models?
  13. This is my second Course, its available now on CG - Circuit. Link: http://bit.ly/2xk1Lzj Procedural Hardsurface Design in Houdini In this course I will show you different ways in Houdini about procedural hard surface design. The first chapter is about the Voronoi node and how to create different patterns with it. The second chapter deals with a simple hard surface tool to use the existing topology for creating new surfaces. The third chapter will show you how to use noise as a panel generator. In the fourth chapter we will build a greeble solver to refine large structures. The last chapter is about the process of a procedural robot that is made with different shapes and lines. Each chapter includes some RnD rendering in the end. I'm glad to share this knowledge with you! See you in the course! For this course you need a basic understanding of Houdini and rendering with Octane. All project files and the low poly character are included. Have a nice day and enjoy the course! timcgi