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  1. Peripheral voronoi pieces for advanced fracturing

    Thanks for the reply Atom! Yes, I've experimented with that (although in my case I just used a transform and group by object) but the pieces inside where still too small and in my mind the core would be a single piece in the end. What I found to be quite effective is the Voronoi Fracture Points SOP, which scatters further points based on the initial scatter but, more importantly, it allows you to define the clustering and point density based on three layers of depth: surface, exterior and interior. This is very close to what I had in mind at the beginning, as the sim will now hold tight on the clusters and make the little pieces shoot out if the impact is greater than a threshold.
  2. Hi all! I'm trying to make a Voronoi fracture based on points that are to be scattered on the volume running along the border, in a gradient fashion towards the center of the geometry. The idea is to use the points for a 2nd layer of Voronoi fracturing after the main pieces are defined. I know there is the density attribute to drive the scattering, and you can use a volume wrangle to define the density attribute, but how do I tie the attribute to each voxel's distance to the center? Ideally, it would be the distance of each voxel to a smaller copy of the geo, so that the density gradient is uniform and not stretched to reach the center from far-off parts. Is there a way to do this? Thanks!