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  1. Thank you! I've looked into this and is exactly what I needed
  2. Hi there! I was wondering if there is a way to export a .gif directly from the flipbook? Sometimes I see posts here that have a gif attached to them and I was wondering if there is an option to do this directly from Houdini or is there some other quick tool to do this? Thanks!
  3. This is an incredible setup! I've learned a lot from your file. Sometimes I think of ways to do it like that, but then I have just no idea where to start. Thank you so much for this
  4. Thank you so much for both your reply's. These work really well!
  5. Hi I need your help with something. For a project I have a faceted plane and for each facet: - I scatter some points - sort the points in x+ direction - make a group for each point that is point nr. 0 - set infection start for each point that is in that 0 group. That works all fine! Now here's the problem. When I wire in my for each end into the solver the infection starts spreading correctly but (of course) it infects all it's neighbors even when it's not from the same original primitive. In an ideal world I would place my solver at the very end of the for each block so that it solves it for each primitive (but that doesn't work sadly) But in theory that's exactly what I need! Is there someone that can bring me on the right track and solve this for me? My idea is to maybe create a point group for each primitive's scattered points and tell that to the solver somehow? But I have no idea how... I've attached the hip file to the thread and want to thank everyone in advance for their reply! For_each_primitive_point_infection_system.hip
  6. Hi Magicians, I want to run a cloth simulation where I transfer Cd onto my base cloth geo with a moving object. The Cd attribute will affect the restlenght. Now it works good but only for the first frame. Does the vellum solver only take the first frame before it goes to simulate that? Is there a wway I tell the solver to take the to be solved object and check it each frame? I've attached the ptoject. Any help is welcome, thanks in advance! Vellum_updatinggeometry.hip
  7. Hi peeps, Maybe someone can help me achieve this. I followed a tutorial by Antengma on how you can make lines between points with a specific searchradius. (That is the code I'm using in the wrangle) Now for this particular setup, I want only the red points to draw lines between the blue points. My guess was to put the red points in geo handle 2 and set the nearpoints(0, @P, searchrad); to nearpoints(1, @P, searchrad); This didn't work... Can someone alaborate? Thanks in advance!
  8. Thank you! That's awesome, it works. This will save me some time in the future
  9. Hi, Is there a way I can add my own custom wrangles to the examples dropdown list? (Image attached for clarification)
  10. Hi peeps, I'm busy with a project where I want some pops being moved away. from a surface that is animating on a mountain sop. My question is how do I let my pops follow the geo surface that is deforming? No my pops just take over the first frame of my moving geometry. I've added the HipFile for someone that wants to take look. (I'm using H19) cheers particle_emitter_system.hip
  11. Hi Magicians, I'm just try another shot here at my problem in the hope someone can solve this problem. In short the problem is that when using deforming geometry from a VDB volume back to geometry and then let that collide with Vellum grains, the grains are exploding all over the place. In this Reddit thread you can follow some updates on things we've tried to tackle.. Here are also some updates in the HIP files of you look trough the Thread. I will attach the latest version to this post as well. If someone can help me that would mean so much to me as I'm struggling for weeks with this now without a working solution. You are already awesome for taking a look into this Thanks in Advance. example_sand_setup_v2.hip
  12. Hi Magicians! I'm having trouble setting up my grain sim for a personal project I'm doing to get a better understanding of the mechanics in Houdini. In short I have a growing coral object which have to interact with my grains whilst it is growing. In my understanding what is going wrong. My vdb collision source is to jittery when it grows in my grains the vdb creates not smooth enough. I've tried adding a retime to my object to let it go more easy in my simulation but the problem keeps happening. If I go trough it frame by frame the vdb creates a surface and the next frame it is suddenly larger and that causes the grains to explode? Can someone please look into my .hip file to see if someone can fix my issue? I realy want to know the solution to this. I hope someone is willing to help me So much thanks in advance for the one that can help me with this. growing_object_grains.hip
  13. oh wow thank you for that great free recource! I'm sure I can work myself out of my problem now
  14. Hi there, I had some trouble with my vellum grains simulation. As I use deforming geo for my collision (it's a collider from a growing volume converted back to geo) When the collision happens with the deforming geo the grains go all haywire. Adding subframes in the vellum solver doesn't help. The issue is that I have subframes in my grains but probably not in my collsion geo. I read I can achieve that with a retime node. Altough I have no clue how I actualy get subframes with that.. Do any of you have a good tutorial or can explain to me how this works? Oh and if you think I'm wrong with adding subframes to my collision geo, please let me know. I'm realy looking for any solution realy. If you're curious to what my problem involves please look at the provided HIP file. TLDR: How does the retime node work, to add subframes to a collsion source for vellum grains? example_sand(Houdini18).hip
  15. Thank you for that! I might have to look into how I can add subframes to my collision data. I never tought about that. Do you maybe have a source for a tutorial on using the retime node to get subframes in my collsion source?
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