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  1. Repeats with a time shift

    I love being a coder!! chf ($CH ,956 + ($F-955)%12) + (chf ($CH, 966) - chf ($CH, 956)) * floor (($F-955) / 12) That's my hack! Works perfectly, mind you!
  2. Repeats with a time shift

    Ok, great, that works, sorta... It does about 10-12 "cycles" then it stops. I imagine that this has to do with the recursion level, which, needless to say, is not infinite... I'm gonna try to do a coder's hack... lets see if this works as i expect
  3. I need to copy what another channel's value, but 14 frames ago. I know how to repeat, and I know how to get another channel's value, but not how to do both. Also, how to repeat with offset, that is, i want to repeat what has been done 14 frames ago, but the 1st value of the repeat should be the same as the last value of the repeat source interval. Makes sense? Umm.. ok, thanks!!