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  1. Crowd Look at bug?

    Update: I managed to fix it. I had to dive into the crowdsolver node, there find a Look at node and dive into that. The popwrangle node was being applied to all agents in my crowd instead of the specified group. Must be a little thing they've overlooked! Hope that helps anyone interested in using this.
  2. I'm working on my first ever crowd and I'm trying to use the Look At node to make agents in a certain area look at an object. However, I noticed that unless I check the "Enable look at" in the crowd solver node, nothing happens (even if I use an "Look at apply" node). On the other hand, whenever I do check the "Enable look at" (even before I plug in the actual Look at node and specify the object), all of my agents heads turn and twist a bit. I tried using the group to limit that twisting, but to no avail - it seems like the group actually looks at the object, and all the other guys get changed just a bit. I don't want that! I want the heads of the guys outside of the area to remain normal, without the random twists. The fault is for sure not in the group. I tried both the shelf tool and the node.