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  1. Volume Advection

    Thank you! I think I will go to the direction of using velocities from later frames somehow, because I have no idea how to create a custom velocity field which expands outward with keeping the border values. Actually there is an other solution which is to resimulate the sim with greater padding value, but the sim could become different so I purposely avoid this option, I want to do it all in post witout resim.
  2. Volume Advection

    Hey everyone, I'm advecting this density field with the velocity field using a for loop, and if I crank up the iteration the density starts to clip. Do you have any idea how to prevent that? volume_advection_clipping.hiplc
  3. Well, I tried to use this code in a parameter as python expression, but it only updates if I select or deselect the node. What am I doing wrong?
  4. It is really nice, thank you!!! But now I'm facing another problem. My main goal is that these values update a vec3 parameter on the interface of an asset, and I actually managed to do this by pushing a button (using your script in a callback script), but I realized I don't want to always push that button. So I wonder, is it possible to update these values automatically for example on every change of the viewport, or somehow?
  5. Hey everyone, Can I get somehow the position of the current look view when I'm in `no cam` mode in the viewport?
  6. [SOLVED] Vellum | Point Deform with tearing

    This is great, thank you very much!
  7. Hey everyone, How can I drive a highRes mesh with a proxy vellum sim which tears? I tried point deform but it doesn't work. proxy.mov point_deform_with_proxy.mov vellum_ballon_pop.hiplc
  8. Hi everyone, I'm walking around the whitewater system. I watched the whitewater masterclass with Omar Zarifi, and near at the end he uses an attribute called @pbfstiffness, and it's really cool. I'm wondering if there's any more attributes like that which can be used for greater control. Is there any list out there about the available attributes especially in the whitewater environment?
  9. Thank you very much Anim and Noobini! Both solutions works like a charm.
  10. Thank you Anim for the quick reply! It seems to me that this method unfortunatly doesn't work well with other geometry, I tried with a pig and the result isn't accurate. ts_delete_internal_bubbles_withPig.hiplc
  11. hi, I scattering points on a surface then I use vdb from particles on them, and finally convert the result into polygons, but I got an unwanted inner core geometry. How can I get rid of that procedurally?
  12. update: according to the Arnold Support, this phenomenon is a bug.
  13. Dilate VDB

    Sounds like a good idea! Can you explain how to actually do it in the volume VOP?
  14. Hello, I made a comparison between Arnold and Mantra renderer about vdb motion blur. Mantra works like a charm, but anyone knows why Arnold volume motion blur looks like this??
  15. Dilate VDB

    Hi everyone, Is it possible to dilate a velocity vector field? The VDB Reshape SDF node only works on sdf fields. VDB Activate can expand but it only makes active voxels, I would like to expand the vel field values from the border of the field outward.