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  1. CPU benchmark for houdini

    I have found this https://www.vfxarabia.co/blog/houdini-benchmark-cores-vs-clockspeed-updated This looks to be the start of a benchmarking standard. I am going to run these files and post my results. Has anyone else found similar benchmarks or .hip files that have been used to collect data across multiple CPUs?
  2. CPU benchmark for houdini

    Hi there, Are there any benchmarking tests out there that are the most indicative of how houdini will perform running larger simulations? I have read that single core high frequency matters though I also here some people pointing to the new Threadrippers which are mellow in terms of frequency but have high core counts. Looking for a high sample size, objective test that will relate to houdini large scale simulations. Not mantra, not small sims. I wanted to add my current setup to add context. I have an i7 6950x OC'd to 4.2 ghz ( watercooled) with 128gb of 2666 ram. This runs fairly well though I see setups sometimes process faster than my setup. This is all part of me trying to understand everything I can about how houdini manages hardware and how you can tune both hardware and software to each other. I do realize that at a certain point this leaves the single workstation and jumps to a very different process of splitting sims up onto a server to process extremely huge sims. I am more so interested in how to min/max the single workstation. Thanks in advance!