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  1. Dynamic Particles - Houdini Rig needed

    WE GOT THIS COVERED! Thanks so much for the replies. Huge thanks to all the talent on Oddforce!!!!!!!
  2. My studio is needing a dynamic particle Houdini Rig for a shoe spot. We need particles (in this case they are small pellet shaped geo) to fly in from off screen and then fill the volume of a target object. In this case it will be the mid-sole of a shoe. Those pellets should have dynamic collisions and as they come together to create the object, they compress into the volume so that the exterior shape of the object is smooth and there are no spaces between the pellets as they compress together to form that target object (which in this case is the mid-sole of a shoe) . We just need the rig and would make adjustments, lighting, materials on our end. Thanks all!! I have attached a visual example which is hopefully helpful. If you are interested please contact blain@minimalmassive.tv