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  1. Anyway to do a cluster that sticks to face geo in Houdini

    Starting to look thru the help examples and some tutorials, made this simple thing, this basically what I need, a soft modification tool, only thing is how can I add an edit node to make the points in the red circle move... softMod.hipnc
  2. Hi, new here, I am considering using Houdini for a short film I am working on. So far I have been using Maya for rigging and pretty much everything else though these days the bugs and lack of inventive features in Maya is frustrating, also the renting software thing...Well in Houdini, I have most things figured out for now except two * Can houdini do this if so how https://vimeo.com/242154796 * And what is the best way to approach corrective blendshapes with pose interpolation Thankyou for your time