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  1. Glue Constraint Guide geometry red lines

    Thanks for your generous time, this part of my project was modeled very early in the process AND very early in my Houdini education... So, this is very bad modeling on my part (thanks for not pointing it out!) I have tried cleaning-up the geo, removing all stray polys and points garbage that came from previous poorly executed boolean operations, but i arrive to the same result, as soon as i dive in the dopnet, those crazy lines pop-out again. I will re-start remodeling the complete DAM fresh with a little more care and experience, and probably this won't happen when sim time comes again... Still learning a lot out of this! Thanks, really.
  2. Glue Constraint Guide geometry red lines

    Here it is stripped down to that part only, thanks for caring. I hope "locked" geo follows in the hip file. Dam_Destruct_StrippedDown.hip
  3. Hello masters! I know this probably is a noob question, but my guide geometry for a fractured geo all appear to point to a distant pivot point, probably a modeling mistake i did... Is there a way to correct this easily, or i would be better off re-modeling my initial geo ? Thanks for any help !
  4. Thank you, it did help !
  5. Hello Houdinians First i just want to say how precious is all the help and tutorials that all of you guys have provided, this is very generous of you and your talent! Now that i have used flattery... (lol) I have been using houdini for about 18 months, and i still have a steep learning curve ahead to learn VEX coding and expressions, but i am slowly understanding the basic principles... I need to replicate an ancient building technique, and i need to create some variable size rocks falling from an emitter and filling-up a container or structure, piling up to fill the structure. (about 1000 rocks , between 20cm and 40cm, filling a 4m x 4m x4m box ) I found some tutorials relating to instancing or copy/stamp techniques, but some are from older versions of houdini and i have difficulty achieving this . i manage to obtain a popnet liberating particles to which i instanced a sphere (rock) , but cannot get them as RBD to pile-up correctly. I there an easy way using the shelf tools, or information you could help me find to help me build this rather simple simulation ? thank you for any help, and have a great day! Pierre D.
  6. Animating bulge along path

    Sorry, my mistake... I had posted the question in "general questions" and obtained this answer, which was very instructive. Thanks for your help !
  7. Translate bulge along path

    Thank you Tomas ! It works perfect...You helped my understanding a lot. Pierre DesRoberts
  8. Hello, excuse my noobness, but i am looking for a way to translate a bulge along a curve path to deform a tube. I have a tube and my curve, i add a metaball, to which i add a "follow path" constraint. The metaball moves along the path as i advance the timeline. then comes the time i select the tube , then bulge using the metaball as magnet. i now have control on the bulge, but now the bulge stays static and does not follow the metaball's path anymore. How can i achieve this? For my needs, it would be even better if i could just translate the bulge on one of the curve's axis, instead of having it animated over time. Thanks for any help ! Pierre D
  9. Hello I am want to translate a bulge along a curve path . i have used "follow path" to move the metaball along the curve... but as soon as use the metaball as my "bulge magnet", it wont follow the curve anymore. What am i doing wrong? Any help is welcome! (in fact , it would serve me better to be able to manually control the translate of the bulge along the curve, rather than have it animated on the timeline...) Ps: excuse my english Pierre