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  1. Disable Simulations on Startup

    Add these lines to `scripts/456.py`: # Disable simulation updates hou.setSimulationEnabled(False) # Set cook update mode to manual hou.setUpdateMode(hou.updateMode.Manual)
  2. New Color Schemes

    Thank you for sharing them! I find Smoke very pleasing.
  3. I think this may do what you need: 1. Template the reference geometry (in your case, the line) 2. Select the Transform SOP and display the handle 3. Enter Pivot Mode [Ins] 4. Start Orientation Picking [;] 5. RMB on the Viewport > "Use Extended Mode" 6. Determine which two points (P, Q) on the reference geo will define the Z axis of the pivot (the pivot will be placed on P) 7. Shift-LMB on the Q point, then LMB on the P point 8. Exit Pivot Mode [Ins]