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  1. Hi there Atom, Thank you for your Response. I use the htop in the terminal to monitor the ram, I think during that sim I think the Ram was only sitting at around 16GB of 128. Everything is set to stock. The CPU is clocked at 3GHZ, the Ram at 2166. I did the Prime 95 test on Windows and it was fine. I have not tested it on Ubuntu yet. Yes, all my Ram Sticks are the same, I got the 128 GB back set. the Board is quad channel memory. I am going to do a windows test now as well to see how it goes.
  2. Hi there everyone. Hope you are all doing well. So for a white now I have had some issues with Houdini 17 and 17.5 fluids. I am trying to create a river sim, but when I cache out my sim using Hqueue or just a "cache in the backgroud", The sim just stops or fails. This morning I woke up and had a Fatal error: Segmentation fault. I am was on windows but it was not activated as I had a huge hardware update but but it could nto find my Linked Windows key or something. I have now switched to Linux and I am currently on Ubuntu. This is my First time on Linux so I do not know what I am doing lol. I cannot even get Hqueue to Restart so I have to reinstall it every time. I tried this one, but it didnt work. My Hardware CPU - Threadripper 2970wx Motherboard - MSI Pro gaming Carbon AC Ram - 128 GB Corsair Vengence LP SSD - Samsung 2TB Please find the attached output log and Diagnostic Info. job_6_output.txt job_6_output.txt
  3. Houdini Pyro Collision

    @3dome It worked !!!!!! Thank you so much for all your Assistance and Patience. Another thing I found just before trying the Sub Steps was that I had to go to : Pyro Solver --> Advanced --> Collisions: and set Fields to correct to a (*) for all of the Pyro Fields to be affected. Thanks again for all the assistance !
  4. Houdini Pyro Collision

    Is the file not working ?
  5. Houdini Pyro Collision

    Alright cool so I just had a thought, what if me not unpacking and converting to polys from the alembic first, then fracturing and packing it up was the issue in the first place ? I am going to do a test with it now to see if that Fixes my issue, in the mean time I have another file below with the newly Unpacked --> Converted --> Cached Geo of the house. As for the Correct collision and Extrapolate into Geo, I actually had those turned on and was getting the issue as well which is why I turned them off to see if I got a different result. Also I tested with them on and it still is not working so I will try my solution above and see if it fixes it Also with my Fractures (If you want to use my Geo) The fractures are split into a two vertical columns (Using the network Box), Use the top ones as it is just basic Voronoi fractures for testing. House_Destruction_1058.hiplc House_Destruction_1058.hiplc
  6. Houdini Pyro Collision

    Ahh that' s good to know, I didn't know that about Alembic files, do you know why that is ? Below is the version with the house Cached and Locked. House_Destruction_1049.hiplc
  7. Houdini Pyro Collision

    So here is the Scene file if you would like to see what I am doing. Let me know if you need anything else. House_Destruction_1045.hiplc
  8. Houdini Pyro Collision

    Wow those where some Quick Reply's. So @sunchao360 I can share the file with you Shortly, My internet is really slow. @3dome that was at a max Axis of 150, I am trying a quick one at 600 but a 300 test gave me the same results. The results for the 600 Res where the same, Here is a screen shot from above and below As you can see from the Bottom view below (Excuse the Pun) you can see that it is traveling along the ceiling though I cannot tell whey it is going through at the start of the explosion and the Explosion is within the collisions for sure.
  9. @3dome That is so True. I Try to figure out everything I possible can, when I have sat for a couple days and still make no progress, I then give in to ask a question on here but I put up all the Findings and methods I have tried. Perhaps someone knows a better way to do the it or my approach missed one Ingredient. I believe that Failure is not a reason to give up, but rather a lesson to learn from. I have this weird thing where No matter what I will find a way ! my A.D.D helps with this as even while I am trying to sleep I am thinking of solutions and sometimes have dreams of solutions that help in some way. Enough of my ranting. I thank you for those Kind words and have a Great day !
  10. Houdini Pyro Collision

    Hi there everyone. This must be a common question but I just cannot seem to get the Pyro Collisions to work correctly there is defiantly something I am missing and I would greatly appreciate some assistance. So this is the issue I am having. Below you can see the Multi Field going through the Collision Field where there are no holes. This is the Multi Field. Here is the Collision Field on its own so you can see its a solid Piece. This is the Temperature Field. This is another angle of the actual Geo at the same frame as the images Above. So I just wanted to mention what I have observed and what I have tried. first my observations, the Multi filed is only partly interacting with the collision field, in that some of the smoke travels along the ceiling of the roof before finding an exit and pushing outwards. Secondly have I have tried, Is using the Houdini shelf Deforming collision object but it only dose 2 frames then hits my 32gb memory cap and my system crashes and restarts. This is if the mode in the Static Object is set to Volume Sample. If I try Ray Intersection it dose not work, there are holes in the collision Field. so the method I am Trying to get right (Based on the Images above) is the secondary Volume Source set to collision. Here are my VDBs and I am merging in the Cached RBD Data. And this is my Volume Source for that VDB Surface If you need anything Please Let me know ! Have a Great day, Jody.
  11. There is that as well thank you . I still have a lot to learn.
  12. Hi there Everyone. So I had this strange issue today that I thought others might be having so I wanted to share the Solution to it. Check the image below for the error in the DOPS Constraints Network node. So the reason this is happening is because of this highlighted field below which is allowing the Re-importing of your constraints. Now if you are getting this Error it can be on ether your fractures or your Constraints but the one method will work for both. So the issue for me was on my fractures. What I found was that it had to do with the file cache its self and the constraints not being able to read in my Fractured Pieces. This is because I cached my Pieces out on Frame 1 and on frame 2 it could not find the file (i.e Roof_Fracture_001.bgeo.sc). So all I did was add a Time shift and it sorted out my issue. EXAMPLES... So below is the fractured pieces on frame 1 (The cached frame). Now this is the same file on the Second Frame. As you can see it is throwing out errors and it is just saying that it cannot find the file to read in. So all I did was add a Time Shift, set the End cap to 1 (The frame number of my cache) and all was alright. The image below is for a low res test I was doing while I was trying to find the Problem. So I hope this has helped you in some way. Have a great day. Jody
  13. Tracking, Plates and Live action General advice

    @StepbyStepVFX thank you so much for your response and apologies for the late reply, This have just been a bit craze. I will do a full reply tomorrow, I have to get my head around what you replied with. Its a bit of a brain twister
  14. Hi there everyone, Hope you are well. So I have been getting some advice from Industry Professionals about building a reel and I have been watching a lot of Houdini industry live streams and a they all say the same thing, CG with plates or tracking your shot. Now I am very new to the FX side of things and I am progressing well with Houdini but I am not sure how things work on the Comp side other than the basic channel manipulation in Nuke and separating out your render layers in an exr file but anyways. There are going to be a lot of questions coming up, I just want to really understand how things work. So I know with tracking you place little markers on the ground (I.E a piece of paper with an X on it lets say) and then you can track that with a Software. Now what I want to know is what is the difference between Tracking and 3D tracking or is it the same thing ? With Plates, is it just taking a picture of something, Cleaning it up in comp and comping in your CG element or is there tracking involved as well ? I know there is things like lighting involved which you can match by eye I guess but is there a good way to do lighting ? Another question is what are good softwares for tracking or Plates ? I know there is after effects but I have also heard of Boujou and Syntheys or something. Any advice would be really helpful. Thank you in advance and have a great day. Jody.
  15. Transfer Cd From SOP's Geo to Flip Fluid Particles

    Hay @Atom I figured it out some what But I am having some issues. I got the Particles to show Up the correct Colors and the Meshed version. But an issue I am having is that when the Fluids start moving towards the Center of the Screen, they are inheriting the Color From the Closeted piece of Geo on each Frame. I am not sure how I alter this, Perhaps A VEX Script ?