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  1. Translating expressions from v14 to v16.5

    That font is insane. All apologies. I cut, pasted, and posted the text from notes on my phone; and as it was my first post I did not recognize it as enormous. Otherwise, thanks so much for venturing the suggestions. I will give them a shot.
  2. Translating expressions from v14 to v16.5

    Perhaps these photos of the suggested replacement code may help others point me in the right direction. Thanks.
  3. Hi there. I’m having some trouble translating two parameter expressions in this tutorial using Houdini 14 to Houdini 16.5: https://player.vimeo.com/video/130386299 The first expression is for the Value parameter in a attribute create node (given the name “WIDTH”). It is meant to tapper the octopus tentacle geometry. The attribute was created as a Ramp Float (given the name “cross”), in a null node named “Cross_RAMP.” The expression looks like this: chramp(“../Cross_RAMP/cross”,$PT/$NPT,0) The second expression is meant to help centralize control for the Scale parameter in a sweep node. The expression look like this: point(“../WIDTH”,$PT,”width”,0) So the null where the ramp was created is being tapped in the attribute create node, which is being tapped by the sweep node. But it is not working. The errors I get for these offer some leads, but I’m too new to code expressions to sort it out on my own. Wading through the online documentation and trial and error has not yet proven fruitful. I could use some help. Would someone tell me the proper expression to write, either with a VEX snippet, or other such replacement code? Thanks in advance for time and efforts.