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  1. OpenCL Issue

    Hi all, I have an Alienware m15 that I am trying to setup simulations on. However, I keep getting this error message indicating that Houdini could not access my GPU (RTX 2060) and falls back on my CPU. Has anyone experienced this before or know how to remedy it?
  2. Create a center line

    Woah, I totally missed that there was another page to this thread... just seeing it now. Thanks fellas!
  3. Create a center line

    Hi Noobini, Thanks again for your time and efforts. I've updated my approach and was able to create lines in between the main lines. It's getting there. Might you have some advice for curving those lines a bit, so that they look more organic? vu_Web-line-example9.hipnc
  4. Create a center line

    ...alright, now I am absolutely spinning my wheels trying to create connections between the lines to give it that detailed web look. Any help would be much appreciated. vu_Web-line-example7.hipnc
  5. Create a center line

    Wow! That is what I’m going for. Thanks so much. I will check this out. ...I will say that I think I need the line ID next for adding webs between the lines. ...But I’ll check out what you did before committing to that. (Smile)
  6. Create a center line

    Hi there, Noobini, would you be willing and able to help with pulling those main lines to the red center line? My VEX is off, not with an error, but it's pulling those main lines to the origin. vu_Web-line-example4.hipnc
  7. Create a center line

    Well, regardless, I appreciate your time and efforts. You really got this newbie unstuck!
  8. Create a center line

    Oh, cool! Thanks for showing me another way to do this setup. ...Not sure what happen with the other file. I've attached what I see. Anyway, I thank you just the same for your time and efforts!
  9. Create a center line

    No, that's right. I wanted the average of the 30 points. But the red, center line appears to only be in one of the 7 clusters. It's not that way with your file? Anyway, I seemed to have fixed it by swapping out the add node with the extract centroid node. I have just moved on to figuring out how to pull those 30 lines toward the red, center line with a ramp parameter (so that I can play with the web shape)... I seem to be pulling the lines to the origin and not the red, center line, so something is off (at least I'm not getting an error message!). Any insights on that are welcome! (smile)
  10. Create a center line

    ...actually, I’ve notice that the center line created was only among one cluster of target points/lines, not all 7 of the clustered target point/lines. How do get that center line?
  11. Create a center line

    Nevermind! The problem was, simply enough, that two nodes were not appended. Thanks again!
  12. Create a center line

    Thanks so much for your help! I have a problem though. The red line in the files you sent me go to the origin, and not to the center of the target points. Any idea why the difference in opening the files in your version of Houdini versus mine (Apprentice)?
  13. Create a center line

    Hi there. Thanks for your reply/interest in helping. Here is the file: Web-line-example.hipnc
  14. Create a center line

    Hi all, I’m trying to create a center line (not just a center point) based on other lines in VEX. Attached is a photo of the code I used to create the lines. Will anyone share how to derive a center line from existing lines in VEX?
  15. Greetings. Has anyone had any experience using Houdini on a Lenovo P71 mobile workstation? Here are the specs I’m considering on it: Core i7 HQ 7700 3.8 GHz 32GB DDR4 2400mhz Nvidia Quadro P5000 16GB 1TB SSD PCle 4k 17,3” screen Thanks!