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  1. I have some fracturing happening in a sop solver inside a dopnet on a simple booled piece of geo. I have the fractures working on the geo over time and all is good. The problem I'm getting right now is the bool is failing. It works as expected if I add a fracture to the geo before the dopnet, but I want the fracture to only happen in the sop solver using the conditions in there. Is it something with groups on the assemble node? or the boolean itself?
  2. random subdivision

    Thanks Ill try an update
  3. random subdivision

    I am interested in the files on this old thread and I want to have a look at the examples but I cant seem to open them on H17. Is it just me or are these files too old? any insight innto this technique? thanks! I hope Im not breaking any rules by lilnking an old thread.
  4. I know this is a super old post but is there any way someone can update these examples so that I can see them in H17? Or even point me to something more current?
  5. remesh fluid sim

    This is exactly what I was looking for, but! why does it work lol. I was stuck for a long while on the point deform but in this example the attribdelete does the job. Why use attribdel here?
  6. Thanks for your reply, Im starting to understand a little better. However I still cant seem to get the cache into a specified location. So if I just type in the field the name of the file and chose a location it wont work? Its fine if I let houdini name the file automatically but that drive just doesnt have enough space. So far Ive had .bgeo files working ok when houdini names the location. then I checked save checkpoints and Im getting .sim files from a different node. The plan was to buy a dedicated ssd just for sims but Id like to be able to put them there first...argh!
  7. Been getting back on the houdini train, this is my second attenmpt to get onboard from a few years ago. Thanks corona... Im trying to get comfortable with houdini caching before I start upping grain counts in vellum. I have been using the vellumio node to create test files (saving as .bgeo so far, .sim isnt on the save list) but when I toggle the node on it won't scrub, it just shows as the last frame of the sim, unless I go into the node, then it will play. I have load from disk checked. Can someone walk me through this? Is it even necessary to cache? Will save to disk in background keep caches after a restart? Thanks