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  1. houdini and compositing

    Hello ! I would llike to learn compositing but I didnt find any tutorial. I try to learn by my self but it is hard. Can anyone help me
  2. what about Slackware

    Hi Szymon ! When I tried to install Houdini on Linux Slack. I didnt get any executable file to run it. So, I installed Houdini with Windows 2000 :-( But I would get Mandrake 9 or RH 8. I dont know yet. Well, It is ok. Anyway, Thank you Szymon.
  3. what about Slackware

    Thanx MG "Pimp of magic" as a jok :-)
  4. what about Slackware

    what'up everybody ! I am a new user of houdini. (Thanx to Sideeffect' Apprentice version !) Actually, I am a french student in multimedia. I just discovered HOUDINI and I Like it ! I use Linux slackware but, HOUDINI Don't want to run. Well, I know it is for Red Hat, but can i use it with an other distrib.