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  1. Freelance job: Flip Fluid Sim, remotely or on site

    Hey all, thank you to everyone who submitted work. We've found candidates for this job now. Cheers all!
  2. Freelance job: Flip Fluid Sim, remotely or on site

    Hello Everyone, I have a simulation that needs some help. It's water pouring out of a water bottle spout to illustrate that the product in question has a "controlled" pour. The actual pour looks like this: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/9rdz2y365z55ism/AACBZMtvRKjEBpqKoFCh_rQVa?dl=0 I need some help setting this simulation up using Houdini, I am interested in the mesh that behaves accordingly to the videos in the dropbox link and HIP file only. No renders needed. If anyone is up for it, please reach out to me here christian@blacksmith.ooo with work samples and rates. Thanks so much! Cheers, Christian
  3. Liquid collision

    Doh! Forgot it has to be extruded. Thanks man for pointing that out. Cheers, Christian
  4. Liquid collision

    Can anyone tell me why the liquid in this attached scene isn't interacting/colliding with the geometry setup as static object. https://www.dropbox.com/s/my1yn8pljyes05o/OKP_waterPour.zip?dl=0
  5. Smooth Flip Fluid sim

    Hey Thanks Atom, Subdivided the collision object and re-simming. If I need to put the VDB smooth down, where would that go exactly? After the particle fluid surface node? Cheers, Christian
  6. Smooth Flip Fluid sim

    Hey All, I have a flip fluid sim of a glass filling with liquid, and where the mesh has some bumps here and there when exported, causing some flickering in the render. Someone suggested using a VDB Smooth node in the flip to even things out, but I am not sure where I would hook that up in the network. See the little bumps in the liquid surface in the attached image. If anyone could give pointers or alt solutions I would be more than happy. Cheers, Christian
  7. FLIP with divergence, volume keeps increasing

    ah wait. you're activating the popwrangle at 96 turning the div to 0. @Div is a global variable, yeah? Now I think it all makes sense.
  8. FLIP with divergence, volume keeps increasing

    one question though, how is the attribwrangle in the flip_source going from 0.5 to 0? I see you're turning off the popwrangle in flip_sim at frame 96, are those connected?
  9. FLIP with divergence, volume keeps increasing

    Hey gpapaioa, thanks for setting that scene up, super useful man. Learned a lot from it, so thank you! Cheers, Christian
  10. FLIP with divergence, volume keeps increasing

    gpapaioa Any chance you could show how you decreased divergence using POP VOP? I am battling the same problem right now. Cheers, Christian