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  1. I'm very new to the RBD side of houdini and I'm currently trying to complete an experiment to help learn more about it. I want to run a geometry through a "voronoi fracture configure" to create a dynamic fracture (this i can do fine) then take the resulting simobjects and run them through other DOPs depending on their individual attributes. For example I thought a good test to start with would be to dynamic fracture a geometry with a single fracture pass; then, iterate over the pieces and dynamic fracture only the pieces that are above a certain size and with different parameter settings on the voronoi fracture configure dop. I feel like it should be easy as the DOP puts out simobject pieces with nice numbered names but I haven't figured it out. I can do what I want with repeated random prefracturing outside the dop network easily but that loses the dynamic element. Knowing this will definitely help with working with any sim output in future too.