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  1. Thanks @AntoineSfx Ive been reading up on that page but was a bit stumped with all the applications to be honest. Thanks for the info, i will try it out as well! I was thinking about the N and up but got confused as how to implement. Its so damn fun. Damien
  2. Thomas! omg, you are an absolute legend. Thanks so much for this! I am so interested to see how you set up your wrangle and am dissecting it now. I owe you a beer!! Damien
  3. Hi guys Ive been struggling to get my head around making similar leaves like the ones in the pictures. Any suggestions? I cant seem to make the leaves 'lay down' similar to how a hair groom would be combed or a feather system would lay the leaves down. Damien leaf_001.obj leaves.hiplc
  4. Hey guys, im doing a similar effect to the video in question. Not as violent as this, ive done a lot of flip sims but never something where the flip sim pushes an rbd object. The effect im after is like liquid chocolate pushing out from under chocolate that cracks. Any help would be appreciated D
  5. Ah, i tried saving as hipnc. I have attached the file, thanks for checking again Dami directions.hipnc
  6. Hey Guys Ive been playing around with after watching the below video: I only seem to be able to make the start group a single point. I would like to make the start group the row of edges on the inner circle of the torus (hope that makes sense) The paths would then radiate from the inner part of the torus to the outer mimicking the design of an eye
  7. Hi srletak! I had a look at your file and it is amazing thanks It looks a bit complicated to me (sorry i am only an intermediate user still) I am attaching my file , maybe you can have a look and give me feedback. Damien Directions from growth_001.hip
  8. Thanks srletak! I will have a look wehn i get home and also post my file Dami
  9. Hey guys Im trying to create a similar effect to this: Ive been playing around with techniques from Entagma's 'Directions from growth' tutorial. I get the animation to play by using the following ''($F+detail('/obj/growth/data', "offset", 0))" but it doesnt give me the required results. Any help? I would like the objects to only start their rotation once they are on the edge of the transition. D
  10. Hey guys Any idea how one would approach an effect like this? flip sim with high viscosity and directional force? I would love to do a similar effect with more compliacated geo. Thanks!
  11. Hi guys First post Ive been following a few tuts from entagma and would love any input on creating something closer to this. My Houdini experience has mainly been lighting for film but i want to branch out into more of the fun stuff. Any ideas? Damien
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