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  1. mantra velocity pass

    Thanks Andrea for the help.
  2. mantra velocity pass

    The only problem I have now is getting this To this in Houdini I've been using COPs all week but that is soo unstable crashing loads throughout the day As the colours are different I've no idea where to staret really. Any ideas? Thanks Steve
  3. mantra velocity pass

    Hey thanks Andrea!! Thats knocked 10 mins off the render time & got me what I need. So no need to turn off Stochastic Transparency whcih was giving me a good result but added 10 mins per frame so it wasn't really something I could go for. Adding the multiply with the 'Of' from the Pyro Shader Core like you said gave me this!! Thanks mate! Steve
  4. mantra velocity pass

    Thanks Lewis! I tried all the different ways you said but none seemed to work. Even with the 8x8 pixel samples I got the same result below.... But by using 4x4 pixel samples & turning off stochastic transparency altogether I got this much better result... The render time has gone up but I tried adding stochastic transparency samples up to 4000 & still had no change. So with the 8x8 pixel samples not working I'm not sure if, like you said, there's something wrong? At least this way works, so thanks loads!! Steve
  5. mantra velocity pass

    Thanks for the Nodes mate they helped understand it a lot easier & I think the reason mine didn't work was because I'm rendering using PBR not Micro PBR. So is there a node way to get this to work better with PBR? This is Micro PBR This is PBR. As you can see there's speckling which I'm guessing is due to out of range samples as it's not 0-1 (complete guess)? Thanks Steve
  6. mantra velocity pass

    Thanks for the speedy reply Lewis!!! It's working in the hip file so I'll try to make sense of that. I did try to break your code up into nodes in the shader but I'm not that clever with Houdini yet, but I do get the gist of what your code is doing. I think from using this output I can use the game dev tool to work out how to get what I need out in COP's (hopfully) Thanks mate!
  7. mantra velocity pass

    Hey Lewis I found your solution to Motion vector blur in Houdini & I was hoping you could help me out. I'm trying to get a Motion Vector AOV from Mantra for a pyro render So I want to get an AOV like this Looking at your post here I thought this might work but Houdini doesn't like the last bit \$mv = ndcv; The other way I'm trying is adding this to my pyro shader network. But I only get this Do you know a way to render out the AOV from Mantra? I know the game dev tools can do it but I want to render it out this way. Hope you can help Thanks Steve
  8. Adrian Meyer's Cell Split Hair

    Has anyone done Adrian Meyer's cell Replication tut & been sucessful adding the hair? I've tried a few ways but can only get the hair to work on one side of the split. https://vimeo.com/329020210 Thanks guys
  9. Spectra Mask removing/Masking the Foam

    So no one's had this or know's a fix it? I've tried a few things but nothing seems to make a positive difference. The only fix I can think of is turn off all white caps & foam & render without it which obviously is not what I want to do.
  10. Spectra Mask removing/Masking the Foam

    Hey guys, Basically my foam/whitewater is being deleted when the flip tank moves across Guided Ocean layer. The foam is cached correctly as the particles are there so I'm guessing its a problem with the OceanShader or rendering? Just as the boat hits the big wave the whitewater map is deleted. Its hard to tell but it seems to be happening through the whole shot. Any ideas how to fix this? H16.0 Mantra Edit. After playing a bit I think it's the Spectra Mask removing/Masking the FoamParticles input. Is there a fix or way around this? Thanks for the help, I'm new to Houdini as I've been learning it the last year when I can so sorry if the above is not worded correctly. Steve Fix.mov