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  1. USDZ Export

    Hi guys, I have an animated FBX file of a character with about 870 frames, it has one texture & the FBX file is 12.5mb After bringing that into Houdini 18 & into LOPs then adding a material node & then a USD ROP file the output USD file is 182mb Am I doing something wrong? or is there something I need to turn on in the ROP I tried the USD zip ROP but that just gives me the same file size & I read that the USDZ doesn't actually compress anything. Thanks
  2. Hi guys I'm trying to get the align node to just put the current loop name in the 'Align To' box. So into the 2nd algin input is the same geo named the same as teh first input so if I just type a name e.g. BACK in the it all works fine! So I need the 'Align To' to just either read the name attrib of the current loop or the value of the metadata which reads the name. Sadly, name, @name, detail(-1,"value",0); (with the extra input) & I've linked to the meta node without the extra input but no luck. Any ideas? Thanks
  3. Align using meta value

    But the 'Align To' is looking for a name string so wouldn't 'iteration' give me an integer? I need the Align To to match the name of what is coming into it's 2nd input. So if the current iterations name is BACK if I type in back in the 'Align To' it all works fine I just need that to read the name attrib somehow. Thanks
  4. Align using meta value

    I've read this but still can't see where I'm going wrong.
  5. Hi Guys I'm making a wood fracture HDA & I need to be able to go through the input geo & roate it all so the longest length is pointing up. So I was thinking on a For Loop get the Max BBox then find the longest edge of that then rotate the obejct so that longest edge is always rotated to Houdini's World up or a Transform Y etc. I've only been using Houdni a few years so I don't know how to get these bits & put them in the corrrect way for it to work. So a Shed model made of planks comes in. Each plank needs to be orientated up. I've managed to get some pieces to rotate correctly but some arn't & I know this is down to the Bound node Orientated BBox Option not knowing which way around it is. So is there simple solution to do this? I do understand VEX a bit but this'll take me ages to figure out. Can I get the Max Length of the Geo then some how tell houdini to rotate the geo so that longest edge is paralel to up? I then need to put the Geo back to it's original position & rotation but thats the next bit I gues or I was hopeing to just use Rest before then call it back at the end. Can anyone help me achieve this? Thanks Steve
  6. BBox Rotate by Max Length?

    Ah this one is great man! Just sad I couldn't work it out all the way but I got half way there. It's nice to learn how you used the game tool nodes as I haven't used any of those much or know what they all do. Thanks again!
  7. BBox Rotate by Max Length?

    Ah right I didn't know you could do that, nice thanks for the help mate! There does seem to be a few ways to do it out there but I've not found a simple one yet this'll do for now & I'll look into it more. Thanks again mate.
  8. BBox Rotate by Max Length?

    Ok yours is working now. How do I get the planks back to the original positions tho? I've tried adding a rest at the beining of the loop & the end but even after deleting the BBoxes its not working. It's saying the Typologies don't match.
  9. BBox Rotate by Max Length?

    Is that the high poly Shed? There is a few bits that could be deleted so it's prob one of those.
  10. BBox Rotate by Max Length?

    Nope tried that as I was gonna delete it after but somehow the rotations are wrong prob soemthing to do with axis being off so they need to be set. It works with Alain 2131's heavy Vex one but man that thing is really complicated!
  11. BBox Rotate by Max Length?

    Guys how do we get this to work with the geo tho as this is spitting out the Bounding box? Also after adding the High poly geo the axis are off so my version doesn't work & niether does Noobini's. How do I get the Geo in to match what we've done with the bounding boxes so I can use the Rest Node? Thanks Shed_H_Clean.bgeo.sc vu_AlignY_HighGeo.hiplc
  12. BBox Rotate by Max Length?

    This is practically what I have without the VOP. =0) I'm a dunce & this makes sense to me but I wouldn't have been able to work it out alone. So good to see another way of doing it guys thanks.
  13. BBox Rotate by Max Length?

    Yes but I've made my own Fracture tool. Maybe there's an answer in the RBDFracture tool then too. Thanks for the help man.
  14. BBox Rotate by Max Length?

    Didn't work again but if you do this it will better! Yours Added the first part of mine.
  15. BBox Rotate by Max Length?

    Nope still didn't work. Here's the shed Alembic it's just some test geo I made in 3ds Max then reset the XForm then collapsed it to an Edit Poly. The exported to AlembicShed_Low.ABC Shed_Low.ABC
  16. BBox Rotate by Max Length?

    Thanks mate but still no luck.
  17. BBox Rotate by Max Length?

    Ok I use the Connectivity node to split the geo up The For loop to go every piece Each piece gets a Bound The TransformAttrib inverts then saves to the xform attrib Wrangle then saves the BBox v@bbox = getbbox_max(0); The VOP then gets that saved BBox & finds the largest size then compares that to all 3 XYZ to find if the largest is Y if not it writes to a Variable Called Yes. The Attrib 'Yes' is used to Switch the transform on which rotates X & Z to 90 since I just need the Geo to point up. Then the rest moves it all back to where it was in the begining for after I add my changes to each piece. This all seems to work so far. Hopefully this'll help someone else who's not a coder! =0) Thanks for looking & the help guys!
  18. BBox Rotate by Max Length?

    Hey thanks for the help mate I think I managed to do it. I'm not sure if you file saved ok but the Copy to points is a merge node? Either way I swapped that & yours works great in you example but on mine it didn't work. I think it's because your boxes already know what XYZ are where my shed is brought in as an Alembic file as one object. Yours is a lot simple than mine tho!
  19. BBox Rotate by Max Length?

    Ok I managed to store the BBox in a Attrib Wrangle v@bbox = getbbox_max(0); then find the longest & set that as a Prim Attribute called Max Vecter using VOPs. So maybe I can do this in VOP's easier? So now I need to find out what angle that MaxVextor is on x y or z (using P maybe?) then rotate the BBox so that MaxVector is UP. Looking at the spreadsheet & my plank, up is BBox[1] so I need to change anything not in BBox[1] to rotate 90 until the Max matches BBox[1] slot. No idea how to do that. Thanks if you can help.
  20. mantra velocity pass

    Thanks Andrea for the help.
  21. mantra velocity pass

    The only problem I have now is getting this To this in Houdini I've been using COPs all week but that is soo unstable crashing loads throughout the day As the colours are different I've no idea where to staret really. Any ideas? Thanks Steve
  22. mantra velocity pass

    Hey thanks Andrea!! Thats knocked 10 mins off the render time & got me what I need. So no need to turn off Stochastic Transparency whcih was giving me a good result but added 10 mins per frame so it wasn't really something I could go for. Adding the multiply with the 'Of' from the Pyro Shader Core like you said gave me this!! Thanks mate! Steve
  23. mantra velocity pass

    Thanks Lewis! I tried all the different ways you said but none seemed to work. Even with the 8x8 pixel samples I got the same result below.... But by using 4x4 pixel samples & turning off stochastic transparency altogether I got this much better result... The render time has gone up but I tried adding stochastic transparency samples up to 4000 & still had no change. So with the 8x8 pixel samples not working I'm not sure if, like you said, there's something wrong? At least this way works, so thanks loads!! Steve
  24. mantra velocity pass

    Thanks for the Nodes mate they helped understand it a lot easier & I think the reason mine didn't work was because I'm rendering using PBR not Micro PBR. So is there a node way to get this to work better with PBR? This is Micro PBR This is PBR. As you can see there's speckling which I'm guessing is due to out of range samples as it's not 0-1 (complete guess)? Thanks Steve
  25. mantra velocity pass

    Thanks for the speedy reply Lewis!!! It's working in the hip file so I'll try to make sense of that. I did try to break your code up into nodes in the shader but I'm not that clever with Houdini yet, but I do get the gist of what your code is doing. I think from using this output I can use the game dev tool to work out how to get what I need out in COP's (hopfully) Thanks mate!