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  1. Happy Birthday [Z_S]

    Thx a lot for your wishes. I had a great day and a very long night;-). Puuh now i have to work, but all i like to do is sleeping, sleeping and sleeping. Thx
  2. Let's talk about who we are...

    Hi all! I come from a little village near Rosenheim! In this village are more cows than humans. But ive learned there to drink a lot o beer ;-). Now iam 22 Years old and live in Munich. I work there for the pc-magazines "PCgo" and "Grafik&Video". Thats my world for the day. But @ night iam in the land of Counterstrike, UT2003 and other Shooter-, RPG- and Strategy-Games. In this world iam a big hero of frags and loose sometime the Real Life ;-). I dont use proffessional 3D-Software -- only for Gfx-Card-Tests. My collegue Leo work all the time with this complicated stuff. I love nice Graphics and the cards who show them, but born i was for beer, frags an fun.
  3. can ATI RADEON 9700 Series supports Houdnini? Help

    Hi JimmyB! Turn off VSync, Antialiasing, Anisotropic Filtering, perhaps that helps. If you haven
  4. Don't know what to say!

    Hi! More confusion from Germany. In our country one billion has 12 zeros, like in spain. For example five-billions =
  5. can ATI RADEON 9700 Series supports Houdnini? Help

    @Mcronin: Sure it works. Quite smooth - no problems. We have test it right now. If there is still any problem, please pass me your configuration. I will try to help. Tekknokid
  6. can ATI RADEON 9700 Series supports Houdnini? Help

    New user in this forum: tekknokid @musickent: For the Radeon 9700 Problem. Use the newest driver version xxx.6200 and run Houdini. With older versions i had the same problem like you. After an update - the problems are gone. Hope that helps Tom My config: Dell PC @ 2,53 GHz 512 MByte DDR-RAM Gigabyte Maya R9700Pro WinXP Pro Houdini Apprentice (yes I'am a newbie - but leo teach me well)
  7. Quadro drivers

    Hoops wrong thread... Tekknokid