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  1. nested if statements

    @anim This works great ! I never would have guessed to put an attribute copy to the rest constraints. I have a much better understanding of how the sop solver works now in dops. Thank you !!
  2. nested if statements

    @animThank you anim. That makes sense, but unfortunately it still isn't doing what is expected. i have both methods in there using @primid as you said. Maybe you can take a look... appreciate the help nested_rbd2.hipnc
  3. nested if statements

    @SepuThank you. I am trying to keep f@strength=-1 and delete everything else when it gets below a certain Y value. Basically i am trying to achieve an rbd sim that breaks below a certain Y value but some pieces stay together. I'll attach my scene with the simple rbd sim to show you what I mean. I implemented your method into it but I am not sure how I will achieve this without another if statement in there. Thank you. nested_rbd.hipnc
  4. nested if statements

    hello, I am trying to get a nested if statement to work properly in sops. First I have my constraints being deleted by the Y value then if the Y value is less than a certain value , I want to set @strength=-1 based on a random condition. Then i want to delete all the constraints that are not @strength=-1 The result should just be only the constraints that are @strength=-1 if it is below a certain @P.y value. I am not sure what I am doing wrong here... float myRand= rand(@primnum*234.234); f@strength=100; if(@P.y<chf("Thresh_Y")){ if(myRand>chf("Thresh")){ f@strength=-1; if(f@strength>0){ removeprim(0,@primnum,0); } } } I will also attach my scene file for anyone that wants to take a look Thank you. nested_if_statements.hipnc
  5. sample velocity in dops

    @anim Thank you for the file. helped out a lot !
  6. sample velocity in dops

    hello, I have a custom velocity field that i created in sops and i want to sample it in a particle simulation. I know that i can easily use the pop advect node but i want to learn how to use the "volumesamplev" vex function for this. It seems like i have everything in order but the particles are not moving. I think i need a little guidance on this...i will attach my scene file for anyone that wants to take a look. thank you! volumesample v.hipnc
  7. Hello, I am currently reading the solver page on cigiwiki here: http://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/index.php?title=The_solver_sop I am at the second example where he talks about faked physics. (the ball falling with gravity) I got everything to work but I am curious to know why I am able to initialize some attributes inside the solver but not others. I can't initialize the @v attribute inside the solver but I am able to initialize the @gravity just fine. He states this " Something to keep in mind with solvers is to ensure any values you plan to change within the solver, are initialised before the solver. It's easy to forget this, and do your value initialisations inside the solver, and it doesn't work as you expect. Here for example, you could define @gravity inside the solver, and that's fine, because it doesn't change. If you do that with @v though, the ball just sails up and away forever. This is because you're not letting @v use the result of the previous frame's result of @v, so it never gets adjusted. I don't really understand the last sentence : This is because you're not letting @v use the result of the previous frame's result of @v, so it never gets adjusted. why is @v is not using the previous frames result inside the solver but @gravity does?? I will attach the scene file. Thank you! Solver_fake_physics_demo.hipnc
  8. Hello, I have a small problem regarding a slow viewport in Houdini. When I zoom close to a pyro simulation and try to pan around it, the viewport will be noticeably slow and laggy. This would make sense if I had a basic graphics card but I am currently running on the NVIDIA Quadro M5000 graphics card with (8gb vram). I also have a dual monitor setup: 4K 32 inch and a HD 27 inch . I know that the 4k monitor would require more power to run but I thought that the quadro m5000 would handle it no problem. The rest of my machine is a dual xeon setup with 64 gb of ram. So overall it's a very powerful machine that should handle houdini viewport no problem but it doesn't seem to at all. and yes I have already updated the graphic card drivers. Would love to hear any thoughts. Thank you!
  9. RBD- attribute transfer vs if statement

    Thats it!! I can't believe such a small detail would break it. Thanks Hickstein !
  10. hey everyone my brain is spinning a little on this one. I am trying to understand how to control the active attribute for my rbd pieces. when I use an if statement to activate the pieces like this: if(@Frame>10){ i@active=1; } else{ i@active=0; } It works perfectly ...BUT if I were to animate a simple attribute transfer of the same active attribute then it will stay static !! Someone please enlighten me on this I can't find anything in the help . I will show you my scene . Thank you ! attrib_transfer_vs_if_statement_active.hipnc
  11. transform pieces question

    thank you 3dome this is a great solution !
  12. transform pieces question

    Thank you. that will work !
  13. transform pieces question

    heya. I have a quick question about using the transform pieces Basically what I want to do is delete half the simmed points coming out of dops before it goes into the transform pieces and get it to transform properly... Usually I would delete the Packed geo instead of the simmed points which works fine but I am in a tricky situation where I need to delete the simmed points instead. I will attach a scene file for anyone willing to take this on !! Cheers transform_pieces_question.hipnc
  14. distance bounding box values

    Thank you for the help konstantin...but doesn't seem to be working the way i expected ...I am trying to get the fitrange to control how big or small the distance color gets in proper relation to the grid..
  15. clustering and merging fuel