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  1. creating condensation or water droplets

    Great scene! probably the BEST scene! well, can you create specular map out of this?
  2. Hi, I'm trying to add noise to this curve falloff animation. Currently it's just going straight to the bottom. I want to add a little bit of noise to it. I have used resample node to generate curveu attribute. Can anyone please help me? I've attached the scene file. curveu_noise.hip
  3. Hi, I want to create a detaching effect on individual strings/hair strands connected to a piece of surface. Without deforming the strings (as if they are sticks? or a little bit?). Also, 1. I want to trigger the 'detach' randomly (one or two strands at a time) and 2. how to make the strands move according to the point normals (pin to animation points) (v@v=v@N didn't work) **strands are made using hair tools ***I'm sharing a GIF of what I want to create, a video of the current scene and the .hip file. vid_problem.mp4 detach_strands.hip
  4. How do I delete outer pieces from voronoi fracture?

    FINALLY!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH SIR! I was so confused about this! now I know!!
  5. How do I delete outer pieces from voronoi fracture?

    Or is there any better/ intuitive way to do this?
  6. How do I delete outer pieces from voronoi fracture?

    Thank you so much! All my doubts about that code are now cleared! I was trying to delete the outer pieces using pack node and to some extent it worked but some of the pieces on top are NOT getting deleted at all! I don't know if I'm doing right or wrong with the pack node or the delete node. Any suggestion would be really helpful.
  7. Hi, I want to select the outer pieces and delete them, I tried to use the delete node and set the Group to ‘outside’ but this only deletes the outer faces rather than the whole piece. To do this, I tried to create a group of outer pieces selecting manually the primitives (faces). If I do it manually it'll work. for that just need to drop a group node and start selecting primitives from outside. In this way, it'll take forever to select outer pieces of a large scale model. I did not find any other sufficient way to do this! also I found this file from sidefx which works exactly what I want but did not get how it is working! Deleting Outside Pieces.hip
  8. I want to create hanging wires using DOP wiresolver, I followed this tutorial on Youtube: https://youtu.be/fkJOzHY8fOo But in my setup the simulation is not starting. Please help Hanging wires.hip