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  1. Thanks, have been using the spreadsheet - nice to have but not easily recordable for simulations that I do to optimise various parameters. Greatly appreciated!
  2. Thanks, guess this might possibly be one efficient way, though with added computation time per simulation. Would be nice for Houdini to come out a template, similar to Realflow to view parameters but with low overhead count. Greatly appreciated!
  3. Primarily particles counts and a subset of parameter settings I used for the FLIP sim: Particles count: xxx Particles Separation : xx etc So that I can keep a record of the simulation parameters I used.
  4. Hi I am in the midst of crossing over from Realflow to Houdini, along other 3D apps. Likely to be a very basic question - am trying to show sim details in Render window. Eg. running a flat tank and trying to display sim particles information etc. Anyone kind enough to let me know if there is a hot key or? Thanks
  5. fbx imported anim not colliding with flat tank

    Hi Gnarlog I was wondering if you may share a bit more on how the velocity magnitude can be increased? Ie process of setup of your animation. I have an imported alembic which I can compute velocity using Trail but not too sure how to mutliply the magnitue for the imported alembic ATM, I getting very little water splash on the upward thrust and for the downward thrust, I can't get any splash from the FLIP, it looks almost that the water gets sucked into the vortex that the whale animation has during downthrust. Thanks. Edited 16/07/19 : Found solution in adding velocity, I have been pulling my hair the past few days but I found the solution to solving it!! Great
  6. FLIP simulation problem

    Hi guys I might be posting on the wrong topic, but would like to ask what is the most efficient way of exporting Ocean surface to other 3D apps? a.) Alembic - takes up tons of disk space b.) Texture map? THanks Jon
  7. Houdini Boat Wake Effect

    Hi Thanks though may I ask how do one do this in R17 as the volume source is obsoleted. Any suggestion is greatly appreciated.