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  1. Hello, So, first I exported flip tank particles in .abc format then I load that in 3ds max with vray proxy. But how to render them with proper whitewater or ocean shader? It is rendering a blobby mesh in my case. And there is also absence of particles in some frames and some kind of clipping in between. Can someone please guide me in this. Thanks in advance.
  2. Nsingh

    Tsunami Wave

    Hello, I am trying to create a tsunami scene in which a giant ocean wave bringing a large whale with it hits the ground and enter in the city. And of course, I am taking 2012 Shots as reference. Now which is the best way to create a wave like that and also I tried ocean waves node and merged that with ocean spectrum in wavetank_initial but in the fluid simulation particles do not maintain their shape and they just fall down and get mixed with the ocean(Please find attached screenshot). And in Wavetank_Inital it follows the pattern but I when simulate it in wavetank_fluid after some frames the hero wave just starts to fall. So, Whats wrong here, the Process or there is another way to do this effect? Kindly guide me on that. Thanks I have also attached the reference video. Ref.mp4
  3. I will implement your suggestion and if I got stuck somewhere, I will post it. Thanks for your prompt replies.
  4. Yes my collision guide on flip object is also nice but now the problem is not collision, its that big droplets that I am getting in the simulation. Do you mean that droplets can go away by increasing the particle separation? If yes what should be the particle separation. And if I decrease it below 0.015 then it will take very long time to simulate.
  5. Thanks for the prompt reply, Here are the screenshots my collision guide and it is set to 0.03. and actually by decreasing the force scale I am getting good results of splash but there are still these large water droplets. So, can you suggest something to get rid of them. And my particle separation is 0.02.
  6. Can someone just tell me that why I am getting this big splash when tsunami(fluid) collide with static cars and also this weird big bunch of droplets spreading after collision. I tried all the settings (surface extrapolation, velocity scale, spatial scale, surface tension, etc) but nothing changes that. I also visited all the threads similar to this topic but none of them ended with a good solution. Kindly have a look on the attached screenshots and suggest any solution to decrease that splash. Thanks.
  7. Yes we can export fx as vdb from houdini but the stuff like ocean spray, whitewater are not rendered good in other 3d applications.
  8. Hello, I am doing a big ocean simulation where a wave is hitting a object. And there I want to create whitewater(spray) splash. But I don't want to create foam and particles to spread in the whole tank instead of that I want the particles to spread in a particular defined area, So that simulation can run fast otherwise it is taking lot of time. Is there any way to do that?
  9. True, but is there any good way to bring houdini fx in 3ds max and render it there. I know houdini engine. Is it capable of transferring millions of particles? And which render engine shoud I use to render fx in 3ds max? One more question: What if I take models with redshift materials from 3ds max to houdini and render it with redshift. Will redshift materials be still there or not?
  10. Thanks for reply Davpe, As I have ready models with vray materials, so I am doing environment rendering in 3ds max and all fx(fluids,effects) in houdini with same camera animation. But now I am facing another BIG problem. 1.When I import objects in houdini from 3ds max(alembic format), they seems to be very big. So, can you tell me where i am going wrong. 2.Is there any good way to give all models a matte shadow material in houdini? so that they can do their work in fx simulations and affects the lighting but they will not be rendered. In this way I can put 3ds max rendered environment exactly on that place. Thanks.
  11. Hello, I know it is basic question but I still think that there is a confusion. What is the workflow to bring whole bunch of models from 3ds max(or any 3d package) to houdini with textures? Because we cannot relink the textures in houdini by hand, it will be very very time consuming. Or I think there would be a script out there to relink materials after importing them in houdini. Thanks.
  12. Hello, Masters I just going through a small problem but it is actually big for me. So, can you tell me how to produce whitewater like the image I have attached below. Because my whitewater sim do not create that spash like effect on top of the wave.
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