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  1. I now remembered that I need the solver. With Attribute Blur on temperature and a Attribute Wrangle wich handles the cooling (@temperature = @temperature * 0.99;) So the solver solved the Problem
  2. Hi, Again a noob question but after hours of research I really don´t now how to solve this and deadline is coming nearer. I am Building an Laser welding material Effect. I want the Steel to glow when the Laser is hitting it. I think a temperature simulation is a nice way to do it. The pyrosourcespread does the job quite well but I can´t find a way how to constantly inject heat into the system where the Laser is hitting. The Pyrosourcespread only picks the initial heat. I know the answer must be quite easy but I really need help on this. Thanks Tobi PS: I attacched a handy little demoscene. LaserWelding.hiplc
  3. Thank you Benyee - this solves my problem! Everything is smooth again. I really appreciate your help a lot! These problems are really a pain if you are under time pressure! Have a nice day
  4. Hi Community, I animated a Robot arm and in the rendered Film I realized the animation that should be Smooth is wiggling. The Animation curves looks fine. I already got more strong effects, which I conquered by adding new Keyframes and altered their Position a little. But this didn't work all the time and is no nice working at all. Could anyone tell me what is the Problem? I uploaded the File: Look through the control Cam and watch the red Null jumping between Frame 1750 and 1950 Would be very nice if you could help mel! Buggy_Animation.hiplc
  5. Yes I have and it works but its nessesary to do to steps - one Squeeze and one move - its quite difficult to do this to do this to the exact frame
  6. I have to retime a long Animation. It would be useful to have this basic functions: 1. Combination of Region and Ripple tool = when I move or scale the keys in a region the keys Outside the Region get pushed appart (or pulled) accordingly. 2. An exact Ripple tool whith exact input of Scale or push Frame numbers (I know the possibility of the Animation Curve Editor but this isn´t very handy for retiming - I need this function in the Dopesheet cause its easier to select a lot of keys) Is there a tool, script or plugin to do this basic tasks?
  7. I have to complex geometries which I want to animate separately (simple Translations). If I look at one Animation and move the timeslider it is perfectly smooth in viewport (green Nodes are animated). If I template both animations, I can see both Animations together, and they are also perfectly smooth in Viewport. But if I combine both Animations with a merge node, so I can preview and render them together - it gets extremely slow in Viewport. Is the merge node the wrong Node for this purpose? Do I have to use separate Geo nodes on OBJ Level? What do I do wrong? Help is pretty much appreciated
  8. Crazy and so simple - I never would have thought in this direction - Thanks a lot! For me this topic could be closed.
  9. Wow completly different approach than I would have thought - Really Effective and I learned a lot. Thanks you! But what if the Tube isnt Straight but bended or even more complex Shaped- is there a way to delete Faces with normals facing to the inside of the Object? I uploaded a sample file Sampe_Tube.fbx
  10. Shure here are some Pictures There are a lot of Tubes and Plates with holes like this. I now addes a fbx File as well (under the Window). Houdini is mighty this must be solvable procedurally! Sample.fbx
  11. I imported CAD Data via stp and Unreals Datasmith (great workflow). Now I have the Files in Houdini and they came in fine but much more geometry than I need. Besides Poly reduction I want to do 2 Things to reduce the Polycount: 1. There are a lot of Drillings in Steel plates which can´t be seen in Rendering - is there a way to procedural close them 2. There are Tubes with width. Is it possible to procedural delete the geometry inside a Tube Would be nice if you could give me a hand on this to topics
  12. OK now its really solved: I used this script based on toadstorms one: //Initialize Up and N v@up = set(0,1,0); // Set up Vector v@N = chv("N_vector"); // select the Axis //Set the Min and Max Value for the Rotation Range float MinAngle = ch("MinAngle"); float MaxAngle = ch("MaxAngle"); float rotateGrid = fit01(@ptnum/(@numpt*1.0),MinAngle,MaxAngle); // create a 3x3 orientation matrix using N and up as // the principal axes. matrix3 m = maketransform(@N, v@up); // now rotate this matrix around the N axis over time. vector axis = @N; float angle = radians(rotateGrid); rotate(m, angle, axis); // make the orient quaternion from this matrix. // the copy SOP reads this automatically. p@orient = quaternion(m); It works just fine and i´m quite proud cause this is also compile friendly (just learned in this Thread compiling exists) THX a looooot - learned so much in this Thread!!!
  13. Cool! You gave me the answer to question Number 1 (I have to use the copy stamp node) by answering question Nr 2. I will really enjoy watching the video and read toadstorms article wich seams to be very promising (hope I can get some more Infos what exactly Matrixis and these mysterious u and vtangents do)
  14. I really tried hard befor writing this. I do the Rohan Dalvi Rocket Tutorial at the moment wich is nice but it gives me a really hard time cause I have to translate every Variable to the new Vex Standard. Normaly I can do this but not this time cause the whole node is different The Problem I have a line with 10 Points. On each Point i Copy a Grid every grid should be angled between -14 to ten Rohan uses the copy node and writes on Rotate Z fit01($PT/$NPT,-14,10) in VEX I would have to write fit01(@ptnum/@numpt,-14,10); but the copy node doesn´t exist anymore and the copy to points node doesn´t have rotate Fields any more. 1. Question How do I angle the copy to point Instances indivudally 2. Question Are there special tutorials on translating old Houdini with variables and nodes to new Houdini with Vex? this one is good but not enough: Thanks for your help
  15. At the moment I am on a basic Ocean Tutorial. While Exporting the Displacement maps Idialog crashes as well. CPU and Ram aren´t fully used. Sometimes I can Produce one Picture sometimes not a single one. Any Ideas? Im thinking of reinstalling my Computer... / edit: bought a new Computer - problem solved
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