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  1. Solving crossroads

    Hey acey, I have not made a nice pillar system yet. They are only there to make it look a little bit better (scatter + tube + copytopoints) About the intersections overlapping, thats a very interesting one. In this case the osm data provides multiple curves very close together, for a very short distance, this makes sence in google maps for example but the problem is that although they are 2 different curves. The data tells me they both still have a high amount of lanes. This makes guessing the width very hard and thats mainly why they overlap. So in short. In order to fix this I need to add more rules when evalueating all attributes. I hope that answered your question.
  2. Solving crossroads

    Hey guys! I have been busy with roads, lots of roads. I mainly found the intersections very interesting and hard to solve. Here is some of my progress, the blue roads are straight pieces and the red ones are the interesections. I mainly focused on creating clean geometry with working UVs. I hope you guys like it! Solving osm data.mp4