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  1. "Simple" transforms are eluding me

    @Librarian Great resources, thank you Tesan! Your Instagram designs are wonderful too.
  2. "Simple" transforms are eluding me

    @Aizatulin @Librarian Thank you both! I'm currently checking out both your links.
  3. I'm trying to make simple patterns/tessellations like the first image (randomized 1 axis rotations, etc.). But my geometry won't lie flat or line up with the grid. I've tried many different orient values, but I can't seem to do a simple 1 axis rotation. It always looks like I spilled potato chips on the ground. Am I just using the wrong quaternion values or is there something wrong with each shapes anchor point? Do I need to nest each triangle in a square plane before rotating them? triangle_grid_v4.hiplc
  4. I've tried adding Attribute Randomize both before and after the Point Jitter. Nothing seems to change. Is my setup correct? (see attached)
  5. I want to give the edges of some text a slightly "worn" look - like it's typed on old parchment paper. I'm attaching a Point Jitter node to a Font node, and it looks quite good and close to what I want. But I'd like to give the jitter subtle variations so it doesn't look so uniform across the letters. Selecting "Use PScale" on the Point Jitter node doesn't seem to do anything and the documentation for Point Jitter isn't helping me. Do I need to attach a point wrangle node somewhere?
  6. Imported obj models are invisible

    Why is the center so far off? Is there way to correct that with another transform node or something like it?
  7. Imported obj models are invisible

    Ok, I can see it now, thank you. Still a bit weird that the model is gigantic and completely offset from where Houdini thinks it's center is.
  8. I've tried importing several different objs into Houdini, all of which I've tested successfully beforehand in MeshLab. I've tried both file -> import -> geometry, and creating an file node manually. The node appears in the network but the model doesn't appear in the viewport. Why can't I see imported objs?
  9. Thank you. Is the root object itself exported? What node is designated as the "Scene" value in the resulting GLTF?
  10. Each primitive exports correctly if I delete the other. How do I identify mismatched attributes? If I add an Object Merge node before my export node and select "Pack Geometry Before Merging" both objects export correctly. Why is this required?
  11. The docs are a bit sparse on this topic. I know they exist in different networks, but otherwise what is the precise difference between the two? What are some use cases for each? Where should I be choosing one over the other? Also, what's the difference between the "Root Object" and "Objects" selection boxes in each? Is "Objects" just a filter for "Root Object"?
  12. Beginner question, but I'm a bit confused as to how the merge node is supposed to work. I'm trying to export my scene as GLTF. My scene contains one geometry node with 2 primitive nodes inside (box and sphere) connected to a merge node. When I try to export, only the sphere shows up in the GLTF file. I've read merge node documentation but I still can't discern the behavior of "merge". The docs say Bypassing this node causes it to only export the first input. It will not compute the merged objects. which describes what I'm seeing, but I don't have the bypass flag activated. Also, why does the merge node seem to have a "favorite" or "primary" input?
  13. Thank you - I think I got what I'm going for:
  14. I'm trying to make a plane of simple rolling hills using voronoi. I don't want realistic terrain, just basic smooth curved circular overlapping mounds with phong material. I think what I need to do is generate flattened spheres that extend outwords from the center of each cell, but I haven't been able to locate the right node to do that. I've tried grid -> voronoi fracture -> smooth -> extrude but it can't get anything that looks rounded. What am I doing wrong here? Why does everything I attempt look so "rocky" like broken glass? First image is what I have, others are examples of my intended look (more or less).
  15. @mestela Thank you again! Btw, I really enjoyed the video series you did with Scott Keating. Really interesting bit about using the geometry from random lego models!