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  1. Carve Sop?

    That gives me no result but when I use point("../add1", 0, "P", 0) it animates but with a delay to start with, then faster than the point, then it goes backwards....Er? Any ideas? Thanks
  2. Carve Sop?

    Hi all, does anyone know how to drive the v value of a carve SOP with a points posistion? I have a curve which I've swept a circle on. I now need to carve it as a leading edge with a point which is animated. Thanks in advance. B.J
  3. Land of Oz

    Does anyone know of any companies using Houdini in Australia, especially Sydney? Thinking of a temporary move out there. I know D-film use it but haven't they been absorbed by animal logic? Thanks.
  4. Bullet holes.

    Sounds like a plan. I'll look into it. Thanks. B.j
  5. Cleave.so

    Thanks. I'll get onto it.
  6. Cleave.so

    Is it the author that does that? Or can I do it myself?
  7. Cleave.so

    Does anyone know how I can get the Cleave sop to work in 5.5? Does in need to be recompiled? Any ideas? B.J
  8. Bullet holes.

    Thanks for the tips. It's quite a detailed thing so I'm gonna go for the geometry option. I've decided to use a cookie to cut a large chunk outta the wall and I'm now trying to break that large chunk into smaller chunks.I could repeat this process but I don't really want to do this by hand but I will if I have to. Any ideas? Cheers.
  9. Bullet holes.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction for for bullet holes? I.e bullets hitting a wall and sending fragments flying and a chunk missing from the wall kinda thing. Any tutorials of a similar thing out there?? Thanks.
  10. Wishlist

    Hi. I've been asked to write a Houdini wishlist for a guy who's doing an article for 3D world magazine and I thought it would be better if I had a broader opinion. This is what he wants....... I'm working with ********on 3DW at the moment, putting together an > > article looking to 2003 - > > specifically, how end-users view their main 3D application, and what > > they'd like to see happen with it during 2003. > > > > Your wish-list might include new features, a desire for certain > > plug-ins, new marketing campaigns, better manuals, bug-fixes, an > > improved workflow, integration with other apps, moving to a new > > platform, better support, even a complete re-write... whatever it is > > about your app that appeals, annoys or that you merely wish for. > > Alternatively, if you think your app is perfect (yeah, right), then feel > > free to tell us why! > > I'm looking for quotes from you on Houdini - whether that's a sentence > > or a couple of hundred words. Hope you don't mind helping! You can wish for what you want. You could even wish that there be no more wish lists. Ever. I'll leave it up to you. Thanks. B.J