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  1. when I simulation fluid in Houdini, some particles just pass through the colled object. what should I do?
  2. I have one Houdini fx and an indie version of Houdini. When using hqueue, when I send a job from Houdini fx, it shows "waiting for resources" message and doesn't work anymore. Can't hqueue work with the indie version of the Houdini engine? Any help would be greatly thank you.
  3. I don't understand. Is pt different from @ptnum? Isn't list a list of @ptnum?
  4. What do these two lines mean? I do not understand. Please explain. addvertex(0, prim, @ptnum); addvertex(0,prim,pt); I don't konw why "ptnum" is needed here.
  5. What should I do to move houdini particle attribute(ex: motion blur, pscale) to maya redshift? I made particle in houdini to rs and moved it to maya redshift
  6. Why does the wire fall when we do simulations? I don't know which option is the problem. I'd appreciate it if you could tell me the reason. tree_test.hip tree_test_v002.tree_wire.bgeo.sc
  7. How do I get the particles on the moving object's surface to move along the object's surface toward a point on that object?
  8. What should I do to allow particles on objects that are transformed and deformed together to follow the surface of the object to one point on the object?
  9. I created a pop object with a pyro valve on a fast-moving object. But it moved so fast that it packed the object and reduced the distance it traveled. And I want to make the cache the original move again. However, as the number of points was multiplied by the number of points, the scale increased. What should I do? test.hip
  10. Then I want a stream of water and a whitewater that moves in a fast and accurate direction. What should I do?
  11. I didn't use Velocity for whitewater I only used velocity for main water I don`t know why waterFX_white_test.hipwaterFX_white_test.hip
  12. I want to make white water from fast movig streams like water of fire hose but it`s strange go up in a straight line. how can I make it? its main water white water is made like this
  13. I want to make water from the hose. Like a fire truck, very strong and fast. I tried to use a popslover, but it didn't look goodon the colision side and it didn't speed up properly when I tried to use flip Solver. I tried to bring the location and speed of the particle to flip Solver but it didn't work. What should I do? I'd appreciate it if you could help me. thank you
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