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  1. I run a test with karma,It's working well in the viewport,if I press button which named "save to disk",it told me "<b style='color: red;'>Unable to create Denoise-Optix image filter plugin</b>",Could someone know this and give me some help?
  2. realitic animate cloud

    OK,thanks guy.
  3. realitic animate cloud

    OK,I will try to make a real sim later,thanks for your advice.
  4. realitic animate cloud

    hey guys, I want ask for some help,I want to make the animate cloud,I try to use cloud noise and volumevop to add noise,and give some animation like $F $T and so on,but the result is not realitic. could someone give me some good idea to make this? there is reference: https://vimeo.com/350898185 https://vimeo.com/350898932 thanks