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  1. .hip

    jens, i must concur. that party was insane fun. the dance floor was packed when they escorted us out at 2ish am. zee food, zee drinks, zee scantily-clad gogo dancers, zee organic mixes of the band. when i get a hankering for "club night" and all that it entails, that party is the experience that i seek. it just puts a smile on the melon to see a huge crowd of people surging, bumping, and grooving. and thanks for dropping by the intel booth and taking houdini for a spin. it was quite nice to kick back and let another briefly fill that role. being that this was my first siggraph, i didn't realize that the event is much like a computer nerd (of which i am proudly one!) spring break. chapman, it was orders of magnitude more loco than the christmas party. ye shuda bean thar! wow will
  2. those crazy caustics

    unz zee .hip file. caustic_tut_begin.hip.gz
  3. those crazy caustics

    recently, i created a sample file and accompanying tutorial for getting caustics to work for support. as i had some confusion in getting them to work the first time playing with them, i thought it might be helpful for others to post it here as well. it seems they are pretty straightfoward; but, there are a few small details that initially were confusing. the document is attached to this post and the .hip will be attached to the next post. hopefully, it will help clarify their usage so that... you too can have FUN with caustics! will caustic_tut.txt
  4. Man in the Moon

    lol. ermmm yes. i remember hearing that bedtime story nearly every night as a kid... errmmm yes.
  5. Pet project

    holy homework batman!!@#$!@#$! that is a lovely piece of dreaming dragonmesh! i concur with zee others here in waiting like a kid in a comicstore for an upcoming animation. great job will
  6. you can also middle mouse button click on the parameter field for whichever transform you want to do and drag left or right to affect it using a particular increment. that seems somewhat closer to the XSI implementation. hope that helps! will
  7. FK/IK blend ?

    not that i have used it in a production environment , but i have been told by those that do that having the ik/fk blend is very helpful in particular situations. the example given to me was a character that is falling in the air and then lands on the ground, like a character skydiving. i guess the speed of the transition makes the blend useful. just a guesstimation.
  8. Particle bounce

    halo wiked, if you could attach a zipped.hip, we could more easily see what the problem is and likely find a solution. There are many intrepid houdini explorers here who seem to consider a technical challenge an everest that must be summited! ahh the view will
  9. Help with complex POP effect

    thanks betty the new particle sliding can turn out some very useful effects! concerning the dynamic friction and cling set to 0- anytime i am playing with particle sliding, i setup both properties and then adjust the sliders until it looks the way i expect. in this case, that turned out to be at 0 and 0. when you say not return a result, do you mean just returning a result of zero? whichever the case, what i have come to discover with pops is that numbers in an absolute sense don't mean too terribly much. what is more important is how they are relative to each other and the scale of the project. will
  10. X-2

    just had the opportunity to go see it at the bridge on saturday. it was great entertainment for what it was designed to be. i do agree with you arctor in that the effects made it visually schweet but didn't take attention away from the story. great balance there. definitely good enough to deserve another theatre viewing!
  11. Help with complex POP effect

    halo david, thanks for the reference images. try out the attached hip and let me know if that is/is not what you were going for. if not, what can be fixed or changed? will carpops03.zip
  12. i used softquadro and noticed some definite improvements. what i mainly noticed was: 1. the near culling setting no longer needed to be adjusted for my geometry to look right 2. render times were a little bit faster 3. many times when i would render to iplay, it wouldn't render the entire frame. it would render just the central area and then just spin its wheels and nothing more would ever show up. with softquadro, it renders the entire field everytime... which was nice recently, i have redone my system and have to reinstall it. i have downloaded both rivatuner and softquadro; however, i can't seem to find the URL that has the installation walk-through if you happen across it, please post the link. will
  13. PONG!

    halo wolfwood, check out your thread on sidefx's beta forum. i did a good bit of testing on the network chop and you should be able to setup a 1v1 over the network. thinking along a little crazier lines, one could even create a multiplayer game using multiple network chops to both transmit and receive data to multiple computers! can you say 3d pong with 3 or more people playing? will
  14. PONG!

    so, in order to make single player a bit more challenging than the wave function , i added a tiny bit to phong pong... however, it isn't working as i would expect and as the manual states...at least, the way i am understanding it heh. in the attached hip, i added a point sop in the ball object with a ty that references the centriod of the ball. using this, the idea was to fetch it into chops and add a small delay so that the computer paddle would follow the Y position of the ball with a little "human-like" delay hit play and you can see that the centroid expression is correctly extracting the Y position of the movement of the ball; however, the fetch chop doesnt seem to be picking up anything. anyone have any idea why this is happening? cheers to the ultimate pong game! will a few more ideas for the mix Pong02.zip
  15. Particle in POPs != position in POP sop.

    first off, jim. this is cool. next, change the chops driven movement from acting on the Y-axis at the object level to the box inside the right paddle. then you can see the geometry move in pops. when geo moves w/ time is on, the collision pop will use the paddles transforms in order to improve collision detection (it can be on or off and you will still see the paddle move). after doing that, the ball's movement appears to match in both places.