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  1. Hi everyone, I recently started being interested in learning to set up and manage a Houdini license server on my home lab, but wasn't sure if this would be possible since Houdini Indie is a node locked license. To clarify the server would only be serving licenses to the same machine as per the license agreement, it would just be hosted on another device in my network. Is a setup like this possible with the Indie license? EDIT: Looks like according to this: https://www.sidefx.com/faq/question/indie-renderfarm-setup/ this isn't possible, unfortunately.
  2. Hi everyone! I was curious if anyone had any experience interacting with the HDK using DLang (or any other language) and FFI? There is an article about including C++ libraries in D here: https://dlang.org/articles/dll-linux.html and it got me wondering if this was something that could be done with Houdini, and I was curious if anyone else had already tried and what their experience was?
  3. Thank you for you help! I've been able to get things compiling with the additional library now!
  4. Hi everyone! I recently started working with the HDK and have been trying to set my project up to use an external library, but I don't have a lot of experience with dependency management in C++. It seemed to me like setting something up with a cmake file was the way to go, but I'm having a hard time figuring out the best way to set something up to work with the Houdini environment. Is this something that is even possible, or am I going about this the wrong way? Thanks!
  5. Hey everyone! I recently started working with the Houdini Docker images that SideFX has published on their download page. I have gotten it to spin up a docker container and install Houdini, but when I go to attach to hython, the container's hserver is unable to connect to a license server, and after polling a few times it shut's down. I have tried a few things, including having the Dockerfile manually start the sesinetd service in the background, creating another license server container and pointing the hserver to that, but nothing I do seems to seems allow Houdini to find a license server. If anyone has any advice I would love to get this working, and if I could have it access the license server on the host machine that would be even better, but I will take what I can get at this point lol. Thanks!
  6. VAT Material Rendering Issue UE4

    Hi everyone! Sorry for the noob question but I am having some issues regarding the VAT material in UE4. I have set up everything in the engine, and the animations are playing just fine, but texture is not mapping to the objects UV map and looks very broken. In addition, the lighting seems to be broken on the objects as well. I have included some images/videos below to hopefully clarify my issues. How the textures should look (from substance painter viewport): How the object looks in engine (unlit rendering): How the object looks in engine (lit rendering): The material instance: I can provide more images/videos if they are helpful. Any help with this would be appreciated, I'm pretty stumped myself!
  7. Hello, What I am looking to do, specifically, is set up a symmetry constraint using Houdini's finite element solver. Basically, I want the model to be free to deform along the X and Y axis, but to be fixed in the Z-Axis. I know this can be done using the RBD solver, and setting your anchor's constraint type to constrained to a plane, but I can't get this method working in finite element world. If anyone has any advice on how to set up this kind of constraint your help would be greatly appreciated!