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  1. Hello everybody, basically in h18 there is a sop based approach for fracturing , so my question is , is there an effecient fast way of making secondary fracture on impact from a "cached fractured bgeo sequence", so there is the cached fractured geometry some pieces are moving and hitting the ground and some are static stay at the top (regular rbd sim), to get a secondary fracture from the ones which hit the ground in an efficient fast approach , do you have any ideas with h18, the imapct data give points which have been collided , so how do i get that data to fracture the cached bgeo sequence, would be great to get any ideas with the sop bullet solver, or even using the usual dop aproach , the voronoi fracture configure object seems to be a bit unstable/slow (may be i am wrong) , one more question , with the vellum style approach 3 inputs , in the sop bullet solver , if i jump in the node and if i wanted to add a voronoi fracture configure object , would i connect it to the first input ? Thanks in advance
  2. hou ui Button Colour

    Hello fellow practitioners, without going into qt , is there a way to colour buttons , slider , backround of an hda , using the hou module ? and is there a way to output more than one output in an hda , even if you define 2 outputs in an hda it only ouputs 1 ? thanks in adavance
  3. not going to for loop here , thanks and keep it going Jeff
  4. Forming Shape while emitting smoke

    did some small tweaks , and here is the modified version , hope this helps ShapeFormBySmoke_test_mod.hipnc
  5. Font match each primtive number

    here is your file attached with the matching primitive number odforce_foreach_02_mod.hiplc
  6. there was a post on custom stick from old school Jeff on the sidefx forum, modified that for h17 file attached , it uses gas match field , so you could set up stick for each object dont know if this was the question, but here you go custom_stick.hiplc
  7. select one face skip one, and so one

    i might be wrong about what you need but , another way of getting the result in h17 , the split sop , in the group you can specify number of primitives to split , 1-numberOfPrimitives:2 , splits into 2 streams according to the houdini doc , Split is designed to divide your geometry into two separate streams, the portion that matches the group and the portion that doesn’t.
  8. lightning shading

    dont know if this is what you need , but here you go a wrangle node and carve added to your setup lightning_mod.hipnc
  9. Hourglass Effect Help

    glad that you have found a better way to export to maya
  10. as people above have mentioned , here is a hip file , and houdini masterclass on shading is a good start , and it is a good source for shading in mantra mix.hiplc
  11. Spyrogif

    all of your posts are great quality work , just brilliant
  12. H17 flip Ocean extend / collision white water

    some wild whitewater splashes , the new white water solver is extremely stable and this is with the moving tank collision with ocean integration as earlier ,
  13. wavy_vellum_pressure

    some test with vellum pressure wavy_pressure_vellum.hiplc
  14. Hourglass Effect Help

    One way of achieving this would be , with grains , negative force for flowing down and positve force for upward motion , or cache the downward flow , rotate it 180 file attached its a quick mock up , so you can model the hour glass to suit your needs, and to export it to maya , copy spheres to these points export as alembic hourGlass.hiplc
  15. h17 pyro custom velocity

    you are welcome guys, hope this helps , nothing fancy about the otl, its for repetitive tasks of making the normals follow along or outward and assigns the normals to velocity here it is pnt_normals_tools.hdalc