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  1. store getbbox into attribute

    @anim @ikoon Thanks you. This makes perfect sense now.
  2. store getbbox into attribute

    Hello again I come with another vex question. This time I am trying to figure out the function getbbox and store it into an attribute to see what the values are actually doing,.... The help cards states: Sets two vectors to the minimum and maximum corners of the bounding box for the geometry. void getbbox(vector &min, vector &max) So I am trying to follow this exactly. vector min; vector max; getbbox(min,max); @P.x *= (@P.y/max.y); Now, I found this simple pieces of code on the forums somewhere and it works great. However, I am trying to store the getbbox into my own attribute so I can actually see the values but when I try, it gives me an error. This is what im doing: vector min; vector max; v@myBound= getbbox(min,max); @P.x *= (@P.y/max.y); What exactly am I doing wrong here? Why does the getbbox function not let me store its values into an attribute?
  3. rbd into grains

    @MaximumsProductionsThank you., this is a good start for me .
  4. rbd into grains

    anyone? I know this is probably a much broader topic. but I was hoping to try and get some help on emitting the grains on one frame after it explodes. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  5. rbd into grains

    hello I have a simple rbd sim exploding outwards that I want to turn into vellum grains as they explode. I have a simple set up working but the issue is that my source is emitting grains at every frame due to the creation frame being at $F. Is there a way where I can emit the grains on only one frame as the rbd is exploding ? I tried a length function to try and delete slow moving pieces but it is still emitting for a good 10 frames. I am trying to get it to emit once when the rbd piece is moving the fastest. The idea is to make the rbd pieces look like it is breaking up into a finer sand. I hope this is not a very complicated issue. I will attach my scene file for anyone that wants to take a look. Thank you rbd_into_grains.hip
  6. bounding box orient to emitter pyro

    @willow wafflebeardThank you I will check it out !
  7. bounding box orient to emitter pyro

  8. bounding box orient to emitter pyro

    @DevinerHey. Thanks for the reply. The problem is in h17 because of the new source volume node in dops. If you use the old source volume node from h16, it will work. My goal is to get it to work with the new source volume node in h17. Thank you
  9. bounding box orient to emitter pyro

    hello people. How can I properly orient the bounding box to the emitter in h17? In h16 I would use the position node in dops to rotate it and it worked fine... but when I use the position node in h17 it also rotates the emitter along with it. How can I get it to only rotate the bounding box and not the emitter in h17? When I use the old fluid source node it works fine but the new fluid source in h17 has the problem. thank you bb_orient.hip
  10. constraint cluster names

    @Ryan This is what I get from the last scene file you sent. I am using Houdini 17.0459. Maybe thats it? Thanks rbd_cluster_constraint_name_fix4 (1).hip
  11. constraint cluster names

    @RyanThank you for the help . I am trying to do an exploded view at the end but I still can't view my clusters? It explodes each piece out.
  12. constraint cluster names

    @Ryan thank you for the files. I appreciate it. The constraints are fixed but the clusters are now lost. I see what you mean about repeating clusters being far from each other. This is most definitely the issue. There has to be a solution to make it not generate two clusters with the same name that end up being split far apart. I was hoping that the connectivity would solve this issue but it looks like it is looking at each fractured piece and not the cluster. Clustering by constraints seem to be the solution but I just think it is odd that this would happen. Thanks again
  13. subtracting centroid using vex

    ah, how could i have missed that. thanks guys !
  14. subtracting centroid using vex

    Hello, I have run into a fairly annoying problem that I am able to do in vops but in vex I am not getting the desired results. I am simply trying to subtract the current position from the objects center and set it to v@v It looks like it is subtracting something but the vectors don't look like they are pointing directly at the center. I am doing this: v@P2=point(1,"P", 0); v@v=@P2-@P*22; I have the centroid being plugged into input two of the wrangle. What am I missing here ? Thank you centroid_sub_vel.hip
  15. constraint cluster names

    hello, So I applied the rbd cluster node to my fractured pieces and it works great. However the rbd cluster node creates new names for the pieces it clusters. This all makes sense but when i go to create a constraint network, I get a jumbled mess due to having two different names on the pieces. Is there a way I can fix this so that I can get a clean constraint network. I will attach my file to show you what I mean. Thank you rbd_cluster_constraint_name.hip