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  1. Hello, Is there a way to use the "overwrite with SOP" param on the rbd bullet solver + using the Breaking threshold paramaters at the same time ? I want to be able to delete my constraints in SOPs as well as use an angle threshold to break some hard constraints. If I add in a new sop solver in dops, it still doesnt work...wondering if this is possible Thank you
  2. FLIP - fill up water in a bowl

    Anyone ?
  3. FLIP - fill up water in a bowl

    @sacaHi saca, your file isnt working. It still gives me the same problem of water falling through. Specifically when the bowl comes out of the water after Frame 55 . I was using a static object in my file as well, not sure what you changed ?
  4. FLIP - fill up water in a bowl

    Hello, I have a simple animated bowl trying to fill up water from an ocean tank . Problem is that the water never stays in the bowl, it always falls through. My collision vdb is water tight and high res. I also lowered the collision separation on the flip object and I also increased the substeps on the solver (it helped but it still fell through). I have no idea what i'm doing wrong here. Hope someone can take a look. I set the substeps back to default in the file so that it plays faster. Thanks flip_bowl.hip
  5. Flip question- Narrow Band and Reseed

    Hello, I understand that Narrow band is meant to represent a deep tank without having to generate those particles at all times. For example a whale breaching the surface would definitely use Narrow Band. What about a boat sinking ? Would that still use Narrow Band? I am also a little confused on when to use the Reseed parameters in the flip solver. Should this generally always be on ? Is the reseeding directly correlated with narrow band ? If Narrow band is off should I still be reseeding ? Any insight would be greatly appreciated Thank you
  6. Control Range- Pyro solver

    @bunkerAh got it. That makes sense. Thank you Bunker !
  7. Control Range- Pyro solver

    @bunkerThank you. That makes a bit more sense but I just don't understand why anything below 25 and above 50 will still get turbulence. Wouldn't it make sense that only density ranging from 25-50 will get turbulence only ? Why would a density of 100 get turbulence if i'm strictly setting my range from 25-50. What's the point of the control range then ? Thanks
  8. Control Range- Pyro solver

    Hello, I am trying to have a better understanding of the control range vs the influence threshold parameters in the pyro solver. Specifically under turbulence tab, as it is the easiest to visualize for me. The docs state: Control field: When enabled, the force exerted is scaled by the content of this field. Control Range: Map from this range of values in the control field. Control Field Ramp: The ramp’s vertical axis is strength of the effect and the horizontal axis is the value in the control field ----------------------------------- The control field is pretty self explanatory I think. But the Control Range is confusing me a little. So lets say I have a smoke simulation that has density values ranging from 0- 100. If I were to plug in 25-50 in the control range, this means that only density values that are from 25-50 will get turbulence. anything less than 25 will NOT get turbulence and anything greater than 50 will NOT get turbulence. is this correct ? Thanks
  9. Deforming after the ocean spectrum

  10. Deforming after the ocean spectrum

    Hello, Is there a way to custom deform the ocean spectrum waves ? I'm trying to bend the waves in a very specific way. I know the ocean spectrum is creating specific volumes that the ocean shader is reading in. but is there a way to custom manipulate the look after the spectrum has been set? I know I can basically scatter points on a curve with a specific normal direction , which might get me close, but its not the look i'm going for... I want to deform my waves after I completed the ocean spectrum settings. I'll attach a screenshot and a hip file. The image on the left is what i'm getting now ( very straight waves), I want to bend those waves like the image on the right. Thank you ocean_spectrum_deform.hip
  11. Blur sunlight reflection

    Hello, I want to blur out my sunlight that is showing up in the floor reflection. I know I can increase the roughness on the floor shader but I want my other objects to reflect 100%. Is there a way to blur out only the sunlight and keep the hard reflections of the other objects in the scene ? I will attach my hip and screenshot for anyone that wants to take a look. Thank you sun_skylight rd.hip
  12. Question about Ocean Spectrum

    @dleonhardtThank you !!
  13. Question about Ocean Spectrum

    Hello, Is there a way to control the waves to make to make them travel inward towards the grid origin? By default you can control the direction so that the waves all go the same way but I was wondering if there was a way to control it so that the waves travel in an independent fashion towards a center point . Thanks
  14. Pyro Ambient Temperature and Reference Temp

    @nukiThanks! This makes more sense.
  15. Pyro Ambient Temperature and Reference Temp

    @nukiThank you for the explanation and link. I'm not sure what you mean by "Reference temp = whatever temperature @ 1.0 gets remapped to (flame temperature)". Thanks