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  1. How do pyro collisions work?

    I would also like to know this
  2. Scaling vs Transform Collider Pyro

    @AtomThis is exactly what i needed. thank you!
  3. Scaling vs Transform Collider Pyro

  4. Vellum grains and Flip

    I havn't found a solution. I don't believe this is possible.
  5. Scaling vs Transform Collider Pyro

    Hello, I have come across an interesting problem when I try to collide my pyro sim with a scaled object. When I animate the scale of a sphere and use it as a collider, the collision seems to delete most of the voxels of the pyro sim instead of pushing it outwards or wrapping around it like I was expecting. However, when I animate only the transformation of the sphere through the pyro sim it does what I expect and pushes it outwards/wraps around. Both colliders have a velocity attribute so I know that can't be the issue... Is there any reason why scaling would have a different effect on the way it collides? I am trying to get the smoke to wrap around it and push out. I will attach my scene for anyone that wants to take a look. Thank you. Scale_vs_transform_collision.hip
  6. mask force RBD

    @vicvvsh this is great thank you.
  7. mask force RBD

    hello I am trying to add a force to my rbd pieces only inside a certain mask volume that i created in sops. I am using the techniques used in Peter Quints forces tutorial. For whatever reason, my mask does not seem to work. My goal is to apply the force to the pieces within the volume mask and then slow down or come to a stop as it leaves the mask using a drag force. Seems like i am missing something simple here...any help would be amazing. I will attach my scene for anyone that wants to take a look. Thank you. mask_fields_pyro.hip
  8. vellum grains constraints problem

    @anim working now. thank you.
  9. vellum grains constraints problem

    Hello, I have a bit of an issue with vellum constraints for grains. I added a noise to my grains and I separated the noise by color so that I can do very specific work on each. For now I am just adding a glue constraint to each part for simplicity but later I may go and change the type of constraint or the strength etc. The problem is that for some reason dops is not liking the fact I have separated my grains and combined them together. Seems like it only brings in one set of constraints and not the other. What is going on here? How would I get both in dops without exploding. I would like to do separate work on each section and sim them both together. I will attach my file for anyone that wants to take a look. Thanks ! grains_constraints_problem.hip
  10. debris source trails

    Hello, I am trying to create long trails from my particle debris source as it falls to the ground... I am trying to achieve this using the trail and add sop based of the id of the particles I have my add sop set to "By Attribute" and plugged in the id but it looks like my ids are constantly changing. I tried bringing it into a popnet to see if that would help with my id issue but it does not. I can't get this to work for the life of me. Any help would be great. I will attach my scene file for anyone that wants to take a look. Thank you debris_src_trails.hipnc
  11. Vellum grains and Flip

    Hello, This is probably a bit of a silly question but does the Flip solver interact with Vellum grains? I have tried a small setup using a multi solver but it does not work.. I need some water to interact with my grain simulation...What would be the proper workflow for this? Should I cache out my grains>convert to vdb> convert to poly then use that as a collision for my flip ? Any advice would be great. Thank you velluM-interact_with_flip.hipnc
  12. sub fracturing glue constraint problem

    @vicvvsh thank you! this works .
  13. sub fracturing glue constraint problem

    Hello all. I have a bit of an annoying problem with my rbd sim. I sub fractured my rbd sim in a forloop and also created a constraint network in the same forloop. All the names are corresponding correctly but when I sim, the constraint network seems to act as one piece. I really have no idea whats going on here. Any help would be great. Thank you Sub fracture problem.hipnc
  14. ignore collision pyro

    @Atom @bunker Thank you for the response guys. Maybe I am confused about clustering still. I created the environment variable using an attribute create called CLUSTER. i then tried to set an expression with this environment variable in dops pyrosolver>Relationships>Collisions>Enable Collision Relationship. I wrote : $CLUSTER!=5 So is this possible to achieve or do I have to make two different pyrosolvers like Atom said ? On a side note: I was going to worry about caching this stuff out later on but I am not sure what the best practice is to cache out clusters. Is it possible to cache out each cluster separately so that dops is only cooking one cluster at a time and not calculating the other 10 clusters? Thanks guys.
  15. ignore collision pyro

    hi bunker. thank you for the response. I tried that expression in dops after I created the local variable in sops..however it is still resulting in an error. Do i need to do an if statement? cluster_collision.hipnc