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  1. debris source trails

    Hello, I am trying to create long trails from my particle debris source as it falls to the ground... I am trying to achieve this using the trail and add sop based of the id of the particles I have my add sop set to "By Attribute" and plugged in the id but it looks like my ids are constantly changing. I tried bringing it into a popnet to see if that would help with my id issue but it does not. I can't get this to work for the life of me. Any help would be great. I will attach my scene file for anyone that wants to take a look. Thank you debris_src_trails.hipnc
  2. Vellum grains and Flip

    Hello, This is probably a bit of a silly question but does the Flip solver interact with Vellum grains? I have tried a small setup using a multi solver but it does not work.. I need some water to interact with my grain simulation...What would be the proper workflow for this? Should I cache out my grains>convert to vdb> convert to poly then use that as a collision for my flip ? Any advice would be great. Thank you velluM-interact_with_flip.hipnc
  3. sub fracturing glue constraint problem

    @vicvvsh thank you! this works .
  4. sub fracturing glue constraint problem

    Hello all. I have a bit of an annoying problem with my rbd sim. I sub fractured my rbd sim in a forloop and also created a constraint network in the same forloop. All the names are corresponding correctly but when I sim, the constraint network seems to act as one piece. I really have no idea whats going on here. Any help would be great. Thank you Sub fracture problem.hipnc
  5. ignore collision pyro

    @Atom @bunker Thank you for the response guys. Maybe I am confused about clustering still. I created the environment variable using an attribute create called CLUSTER. i then tried to set an expression with this environment variable in dops pyrosolver>Relationships>Collisions>Enable Collision Relationship. I wrote : $CLUSTER!=5 So is this possible to achieve or do I have to make two different pyrosolvers like Atom said ? On a side note: I was going to worry about caching this stuff out later on but I am not sure what the best practice is to cache out clusters. Is it possible to cache out each cluster separately so that dops is only cooking one cluster at a time and not calculating the other 10 clusters? Thanks guys.
  6. ignore collision pyro

    hi bunker. thank you for the response. I tried that expression in dops after I created the local variable in sops..however it is still resulting in an error. Do i need to do an if statement? cluster_collision.hipnc
  7. ignore collision pyro

    hi ejr. thanks. sounds interesting..but Im not to sure how i would make that work.. I was thinking maybe I can use an if statement inside a switch that will basically switch to an empty null when the desired cluster is simming in dops...but i don't know how i would access the groups in dops that the cluster is under. thanks for the reply.
  8. ignore collision pyro

    Hello. I have a question about pyro. Is there an attribute that I can set in dops that will make pyro ignore the collision objects? I know in Bullet there is the "collision ignore" attribute or something similar to that... But is there something for pyro ? The reason I ask is because I have a cluster set up and I want to ignore all collisions for a specific cluster. Thank you
  9. grouping 1 random point

    Makes sense. thanks for the help jkunz
  10. recording start frame

    These are all really good examples. i got it now. really appreciate the help
  11. recording start frame

    Hello, I am scattering points over a certain number of frames in Sops . I want to be able to record the Frame in an attribute when the point is born. I know I can use the @Frame attribute but that will constantly record the frame number..I need the attribute to freeze only on the frame it is born for each point. There used to be a thread on this but i can't seem to find it.. Any help would be amazing, I will attach my file if anyone wants to see. Thank you. recording_start_Frame.hipnc
  12. grouping 1 random point

    Hi jkunz, I think i get it now. this is a really great method... I tried to replace elemnum and numelemwith npoints and ptnum but it doesn't seem to work . So i did this: i@group_single_point = floor(rand(chf('seed'))*@npoints) == @ptnum; wouldn't this be doing the same thing ? Thank you for you help !
  13. grouping 1 random point

    Thank you jkunz this works perfectly...Not entirely sure I know what is going on in the code though haha... What exactly is @numelem ? Cheers
  14. grouping 1 random point

    Hello I am trying to group only 1 random point on a grid and change it based on a seed..... I know how to group many random points... like this : rand(@elemnum) < 0.3 but how can I randomly group only ONE point randomly ? I tried something like this: rint(rand(@ptnum)<0.001) It works i think but this is not a very robust way of doing things....any suggestions ? please help , thank you.
  15. copy stamp question

    Hello, kind of a noob question i think....so I am copying boxes to a grid with a mountain on it... I want the bottom of the box to sit properly on the grid with no intersection. I also need the boxes to be oriented with the grid no matter how crazy the grid becomes. If I turn off "Transform Using Template Point Attributes", then my boxes will sit properly on the grid but will lose the orientation...How can I achieve both at the same time ? Any help would be great . Thank you all copy_orient_and_base.hipnc