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  1. visualizing array in viewport

    Hi, I noticed when I visualize my array attribute in the viewport I get strange numbers that show up. What exactly are these numbers? Thanks array_viz.hipnc
  2. vellum grains exploding when animating attributes

    @vicvvshThank you ! I see what you added. This works great.
  3. Hello, I have a simple grains simulation that is being driven by and rbd simulation. My goal is to have the grains follow the rbd simulation for a few frames and then release from it so that it can naturally do its own thing. I am animating the pintoanimation and stopped attributes to do this. However, it ends up exploding in dops. Not sure why this is happening. I tried a number of things in the vellum solver but no luck I will attach my scene for anyone that wants to take a look Thanks grains_follow_target.hipnc
  4. vellum break pin constraint over time

    @Milad Savar Thank you. that helps.
  5. vellum break pin constraint over time

    @Milad Savar Wow awesome. Yeah that works thank you. What exactly did you do differently in this file to get it to work ? I noticed that the difference between your file and my original file is that you created a stretch group and used it in the constraints property. Why do we need to do this in order for it to work ? A bit confusing.
  6. vellum break pin constraint over time

    @Milad Savar Hi, I opened up your file and i'm still not getting anything. Which Houdini version are you using . Im using 18.0532. Thanks
  7. vellum break pin constraint over time

    Hello, Im following the rohan dalvi tutorial here: Im trying to break the pin points over time by animating the constraints properties inside the vellum solver. However it still stays attached even when I animate it down to 0. I made sure to set the Pin type to "Soft" like the way he does it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you vellum_breaking_pins.hipnc
  8. array and foreach question

    @DonRomano Thanks. Makes sense now
  9. array and foreach question

    @DonRomano Thanks for the reply. Did you mean to write: v@pos = point(0, "P", @pts[i]); instead of: v@pos = point(0, "P", [i]@pts); but if I write: v@pos = point(0, "P", i); Isn't this also iterating through each index of all the arrays in the for loop ? Thanks
  10. array and foreach question

    Hello again, I have a quick question about arrays and foreach using vex if I have a line like this: i[]@pts= primpoints(0, @primnum); for(int i=0; i<len(@pts); i++){ v@pos = point(0, "P", @pts); } So this is basically getting the current point position of each point in the array and storing it in v@pos. My question is , what is the difference between v@pos = point(0, "P", @pts); VS. v@pos = point(0, "P", i); This would still be doing the same thing correct? Is it better practice to do do @pts instead of just i ? Thanks
  11. intersect function problem

    @konstantin magnus @hved Thank you for the explanation and example files. More clear to me now. Thanks
  12. intersect function problem

    hello, I put together a quick test file with a simple line intersecting a grid. My goal is to figure out which primitive the line is intersecting on the grid and then delete those primitives. I wanted to do this with the intersect function. I managed to get it working however when I try and move my line around with a transform before it goes into the wrangle, it stops working. I have no idea why this is happening because my lines are always intersecting the grid so there should always be primitives being deleted. If you enable "transform3" in my file, you will see what i mean. Thank you. intersect_vex.hipnc
  13. reflection pass question

    @davpe Thank you. Thats good to know. I was hoping that the "Render Polygons As Subdivison" on the geo node would do the trick, but apparently not. Thanks
  14. reflection pass question

    Hello I have a quick question about reflection passes in houdini. Lets say i'm reflecting some geometry onto a large environment . Does the large environment need to be subdivided to get a good quality reflection? I noticed that my reflection pass is not that accurate or straight if i don't subdivide the mesh its reflecting on first. I can't really recreate the issue since its a work file but I just wanted to get some input on this. Is this a common thing to do? It gets really slow and painful when I have to subdivide all my geometry in my scene just to get a good reflection pass. Is there a better way to do this ? Thanks
  15. partition groups by name attribute vex

    @Noobini haha. wow... i need sleep. Thanks Nobbini.