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  1. Deforming after the ocean spectrum

  2. Deforming after the ocean spectrum

    Hello, Is there a way to custom deform the ocean spectrum waves ? I'm trying to bend the waves in a very specific way. I know the ocean spectrum is creating specific volumes that the ocean shader is reading in. but is there a way to custom manipulate the look after the spectrum has been set? I know I can basically scatter points on a curve with a specific normal direction , which might get me close, but its not the look i'm going for... I want to deform my waves after I completed the ocean spectrum settings. I'll attach a screenshot and a hip file. The image on the left is what i'm getting now ( very straight waves), I want to bend those waves like the image on the right. Thank you ocean_spectrum_deform.hip
  3. Blur sunlight reflection

    Hello, I want to blur out my sunlight that is showing up in the floor reflection. I know I can increase the roughness on the floor shader but I want my other objects to reflect 100%. Is there a way to blur out only the sunlight and keep the hard reflections of the other objects in the scene ? I will attach my hip and screenshot for anyone that wants to take a look. Thank you sun_skylight rd.hip
  4. Question about Ocean Spectrum

    @dleonhardtThank you !!
  5. Question about Ocean Spectrum

    Hello, Is there a way to control the waves to make to make them travel inward towards the grid origin? By default you can control the direction so that the waves all go the same way but I was wondering if there was a way to control it so that the waves travel in an independent fashion towards a center point . Thanks
  6. Pyro Ambient Temperature and Reference Temp

    @nukiThanks! This makes more sense.
  7. Pyro Ambient Temperature and Reference Temp

    @nukiThank you for the explanation and link. I'm not sure what you mean by "Reference temp = whatever temperature @ 1.0 gets remapped to (flame temperature)". Thanks
  8. Pyro Ambient Temperature and Reference Temp

    and yes i'm aware it controls the temperature and temperature can make the sim rise up quicker. I am just confused on how to use the Ambient and Reference temp in conjunction with each other
  9. Hello, Is there any rhyme or reason to working with the ambient and reference temperature on the pyro solver ? I can see major differences when I plug in large or small values but I'm really just guessing to see what it will do. I wanted to get some sort of logical explanation for these parameters so that I have an idea on what values I should be putting in and why. Would appreciate any advice. Thanks
  10. visualizing array in viewport

    Hi, I noticed when I visualize my array attribute in the viewport I get strange numbers that show up. What exactly are these numbers? Thanks array_viz.hipnc
  11. vellum grains exploding when animating attributes

    @vicvvshThank you ! I see what you added. This works great.
  12. Hello, I have a simple grains simulation that is being driven by and rbd simulation. My goal is to have the grains follow the rbd simulation for a few frames and then release from it so that it can naturally do its own thing. I am animating the pintoanimation and stopped attributes to do this. However, it ends up exploding in dops. Not sure why this is happening. I tried a number of things in the vellum solver but no luck I will attach my scene for anyone that wants to take a look Thanks grains_follow_target.hipnc
  13. vellum break pin constraint over time

    @Milad Savar Thank you. that helps.
  14. vellum break pin constraint over time

    @Milad Savar Wow awesome. Yeah that works thank you. What exactly did you do differently in this file to get it to work ? I noticed that the difference between your file and my original file is that you created a stretch group and used it in the constraints property. Why do we need to do this in order for it to work ? A bit confusing.
  15. vellum break pin constraint over time

    @Milad Savar Hi, I opened up your file and i'm still not getting anything. Which Houdini version are you using . Im using 18.0532. Thanks