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  1. Move pivot to center of other node?

    One idea that comes to mind is merging and then packing those two boxes you have, and adding a single point to it while deleting the geometry. This will give you the center of whatever geometry you have. Then, do whichever of various way you want to blend positions and rotations between the two.
  2. Problems with the active attribute

    That's perfect! Great job man. Solver's are wonderful for this sort of stuff. Post a picture of your finished result whenever you get it done!
  3. Problems with the active attribute

    Looked at your file but don't have too much time, your bounding boxes are what sets your active attribute. As soon as your geometry leaves the bounding box, active will be 0. I would suggest using a solver to check if the attribute has ever been turned on.Grab the previous frame, if it was 1 then it is still 1, if it's 0 then it's still 0. That way whatever leaves your bounding box, will retain it's active attribute. Check Matt Estat's cgiwiki for information about the solver sop. http://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/index.php?title=The_solver_sop
  4. Shortest Path Sop, keeping all the points

    Deforming geometry is always an annoyance, have you tried applying rest position prior to your animation, and driving your leaves with that after the fact? If you're really struggling with something it always helps if you can post a picture or a file! Cheers
  5. how create it?amazing!

    Simon holmedal has serveral tutorials out and about! I suggest you dig around.
  6. Tutorials recommendation

    Gnomon student here Robby's course is awesome! I suggest you start looking through the Matt Estata's cgiwiki, there is a lot of great information there.
  7. [SOLVED] Animate points of polyline and keep distance?

    http://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/index.php?title=JoyOfVex19 Seems like you might be looking to use primuv or possibly minpos
  8. primpoints hELP

    Ahhhhh okay I see, thank you Tomas. I've gotta get out of my comfort zone and start using setpointgroup more often. Thanks!!!
  9. primpoints hELP

    Oof I knew there was a way to use sprintf, this is assigning groups and then appending the prim id to the end of the group right? Does setpointgroup work the same way i@group does? Thanks!
  10. primpoints hELP

    I have multiple lines, 25 primitives all containing a wide range of points. I want to append each point to a group depending on the primitive number. My initial code looks like this, int poop[] = primpoints(0,0) foreach(int i; poop) { i@group_primnum_0 = 1; } This function grabs all of my points, when I only want specific points for each primitive to create groups out of. How can I make this procedural to loop over all of my primitives and assign each array it's own group id? Thanks! Still new to vex >:{|
  11. Sim within a Sim

    Hello! Wondering how you would go about making something like markfancherfx has made. I have two ideas, the first being to do an actual flip sim, to combine the geometry, and mesh that to be used as the container. The second idea being vellum to create dynamic constraints. Thanks for your time!
  12. God bless you @Atom You saved me with volumes.
  13. Multiple Vellum Solvers?

    I'm still new to this as well. I've been messing around with vellum a lot lately. Not exactly sure if I have an answer but just my own thoughts on this same topic. I think it makes sense to merge your vellum objects as long as their behavior is the same. For example, a denim jacket, and denim pants. If the shirt is made of polyester, wouldn't make sense to me to sim them together. As far as multiple solvers go, I haven't the slightest on how to do that at the sop level, but in dops it's as easy as a multisolver correct? I don't think it's the biggest hit on performance. Feel free to correct me, I'm still a noob.
  14. Particle Setup Question - New To Houdini

    Smoke growth? Do you want to elaborate on that? Other than that, I think I understand what you're getting at. Smoke simulations can get as complicated as you're willing to make them. So if it's something simple, like a puff of smoke, it won't take you long. Scaling the model and having that drive the simulation could be really cool! I think it's a fun idea. However, you have to be careful not to scale up your simulation, or else you will lose resolution. Here's a wonderful little tut by Sam Welker. You can have your cars as collision objects, as well as sources for your smoke. If you have any trouble, upload your hip file here.
  15. Particle Setup Question - New To Houdini

    Would you mind uploading a few sketches to further explain? The setup for this isn't hard, but since you're so new I'd like to give you precise instruction.