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  1. rbd and pop collision

    Did you ever figure this out? I'm having the same issue with grouping geo with a hitnum>0
  2. RBD hitnum not working

    Did you ever solve this? I'm having the same issue trying to group rbd's in the dopnet after one collision. Works perfectly with particles but not rbd..
  3. Hey guys, I'm fairly new to FLIP and I want to be able to fill a glass up with water, and then animate the glass and have the water fall out when tipped. However when using a sphere as a flip source, it only emits particles once and then falls down.. How can I get this to be continuous and then stop after a certain point? It also seems the the emit particle fluid shelf tool doesn't work in H18
  4. Arnold not installing for 17.5.460 Help

    So I updated it to arnold version 5.2.1 and changed the .env again this morning but I still get the same result.. It's still missing from my Houdini
  5. Hey guys, I've installed Arnold version 5.0.1 for houdini 17.5.460 on windows but I can't get it to show up as a render option (I only have mantra and renderman available) I've looked at other forums and I've changed my .env file to match my directories but no luck unfortunately Thisi my .env file: # # Houdini Environment Settings # # The contents of this file are read into the environment # at startup. They will override any existing entries in # the environment. # # The syntax is one entry per line as follows: # VAR = VALUE # # Values may be quoted # VAR = "VALUE" # # Values may be empty # VAR = # # Example: # # HOUDINI_NO_SPLASH = 1 # htoa config start PATH = "$PATH;C:\Users\Danny\htoa\htoa-5.0.1_r5e954ab_houdini-17.5.460/htoa-3.2.2_rdc1beed_houdini-${HOUDINI_VERSION}/scripts/bin" HOUDINI_PATH = "C:\Users\Danny\htoa\htoa-5.0.1_r5e954ab_houdini-17.5.460/htoa-3.2.2_rdc1beed_houdini-${HOUDINI_VERSION};&" # htoa config end Any advice? Thanks
  6. Hey guys, I need to create an effect like those in the reference images. I've started with a pyro sim with a high velocity on one axis to push it in that direct and then I'm adding noise to it as it slows down. I'm then adverting particles through the vel field however I am struggling to get the pro sim to expand like a cone shape like those in the images If anyone has any suggestions that would b fab Cheers
  7. Houdini 17 crashing constantly

    Hey, late reply but I was getting the same issue, I have managed to fix it (so far) by changing my UI size to compact. libUI.dll is related to the UI size in the user preferences. Hope this helps.
  8. Large Storm Cloud Effect

    Hey ODForce, newbie here trying to get my head around houdini. I need to make a large, dense storm cloud for a shot I'm working on. I've been playing around with making basic cloud shapes, copying them over some scattered points and then using the cloud node, but I can't get the desired effect (It's great for making normal sheets of clouds though) Just wondering if anyone has made something similar on here and if so how they went about it? He's some references I've been trying to recreate; Thanks!