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  1. Hello. I am a character animator currently migrating from Maya to Houdini. There is 2 things I can't find in Houdini. First is to show the handle / manipulator in viewport with gimbal rotation axis. If I toggle through the modes with hotkey "M" I get world, object, viewport. But I don't get gimbal rotations listed. Is there a way to show gimbal rotation handle in the viewport, which represents the real euler axis rotation order? Another thing I am looking for is the viewport scrub option. In Maya it is called "time dragger tool" and by default on the hotkey "K". What it does is that while the hotkey is pressed and held, you can click anywhere in the viewport and drag the time around like you usually do in the timeline below the viewport. It's a huge time saver for me, because I can keep the mouse in the viewport while manipulating the character. Is there a similar hotkey in Houdini? Thanks in advance.