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  1. For each - randome point group.

    Here group.hipnc
  2. For each - randome point group.

    you can always add iteration number to the seed value as a rand factor. By the way I find this method still not so random base on the same forloop order, I will see what I can come up with
  3. For each - randome point group.

    Here, I may complicate things using vex, but this works fine. group.hipnc
  4. it should be a vector attribute, basically a initial position attribute stored in points
  5. Glue Constraint Problems

    Rigid body solver node is fine, it contains two types of solver in the node. But usually we use bullet for most cases so I just choose to use the bullet solver node. I never use the RBD FracturedObject, assume it the same with little difference,you can check Houdini document for it.
  6. RGB in copy to points + advect points system

    you can set them as grains, otherwise do a rbd sim
  7. Bullet constraint

    group them and set their attribute 'active' to be zero
  8. Glue Constraint Problems

    checked your file, you forgot to pack the geo also need to have a prim name before using connect adjacent pieces node. The dop also has some problems so I cleaned it up, hope it helps RBDConstraints.hipnc
  9. add rest attribute before your noise vop and use that as position info
  10. thanks guys! Will try these methods
  11. Is there any good workflow of creating small pieces between big chucks when doing bullet sim? After creating big rbd pieces using boolean tool, how would you go about creating the small pieces along the seam area?
  12. Yes, it took so long! My little ice render, with such low quality, still took more than 1 hour for one frame. Obviously I don't know how to optimize it.
  13. finally had a somewhat clean render,not so happy with the ice shader though
  14. Nothing special really, just simple principle shader with a noise rough map
  15. had some results just with principle shader, but find it very hard to get rid of all the noise even though I set ray sample pretty high