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  1. I want to do a for loop inside vop to update surface points position several times, it seems it always stop work at loop counts 3. Can anyone kindly open the file and take a look what I'm doing wrong, trying to figure it out all night with no luck forloop.hiplc
  2. particles velocity

    There are lots ways. You can write a few lines of code to control it using popwrangle, such as ' if(@Frame>25) v@v=0;' . Or you can reduce it gradually. Decrease the velocity when it reach certain threshold then make it to zero.
  3. Convert tris to quads

    Download the Houdini Game Dev tool , there is a sop node can do exactly what you want.
  4. RBD Sim wont behave as individual objects?

    Looked your file,I think you packed your geo as one object in assemble node. Remember to name your packed geo correctly with unique name too.
  5. Grains go up ?

    Maybe already have interpenetration between grains and static object before sim start or substeps not high enough.Need to see the file to know what happened
  6. Captain Marvel FX?

    haha, I was also very interested in this kind of effect. You can see the same effect in the amazing spider man 2 too. Guess it must involve in smoke sim first and using it to direct particle sim. Maybe do some test and see how it goes
  7. Spawn new particle if no particle present

    Just put 'npoints(0)==0' in activation would do the trick.
  8. Group edges

  9. Group edges

    Actually not, maybe my description is a bit confusing but I want those four long side edge loops without the top and bottom two
  10. Group edges

    Yeah, thanks for you effort, I was trying different ways of grouping yesterday but it always end up grouping all the surrounding edges, it's kind hard to manipulate edges in houdini.
  11. Camera question

    zoom in I guess
  12. Group edges

    Yeah, I did it manually, but I was trying to see if there is any procedural way of doing it
  13. Group edges

    Hi, guys, maybe this is stupid, but how should I group these four edges highlighted in the image below( the red and green edges except top two and bottom two edges)
  14. viewport interactive

    You can use V or X and Tab in viewport, V is mostly I used. You dont need to interact with viewport that much in Houdini though.