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  1. thanks guys! Will try these methods
  2. Is there any good workflow of creating small pieces between big chucks when doing bullet sim? After creating big rbd pieces using boolean tool, how would you go about creating the small pieces along the seam area?
  3. Yes, it took so long! My little ice render, with such low quality, still took more than 1 hour for one frame. Obviously I don't know how to optimize it.
  4. finally had a somewhat clean render,not so happy with the ice shader though
  5. Nothing special really, just simple principle shader with a noise rough map
  6. had some results just with principle shader, but find it very hard to get rid of all the noise even though I set ray sample pretty high
  7. Don't know how you created this map. If you can't do it in mat content, maybe create the map in sop as readable attribute.
  8. I'm trying to create a ice shader in houdini base on this tutorial:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MeObbrfCSUY Around 5:29, he is talking about using ray length to control the mix alpha for transparency shader and sss shader, so that sss only appears on top of transparency material. How do you do that in Houdini( to layer ss material on top of transparent material)? Any helps pls? I have a test hip file attached below. icecube.hipnc Ice_Lake_Ref.hdr
  9. for loop in vop issue

    Is there a way to do the for loop inside vop,or I need to do the for loop outside the vop?
  10. for loop in vop issue

    Why the same operation using VEX and vop, the result is different? forloop.hiplc
  11. for loop in vop issue

    hi,thanks for checking my file. The thing is when I write the same function in VEX, the result is more visible in 30 loop counts. As for the vop solution, it seems it stopped functioning after several iterations. I will put new file here when I get home.
  12. I want to do a for loop inside vop to update surface points position several times, it seems it always stop work at loop counts 3. Can anyone kindly open the file and take a look what I'm doing wrong, trying to figure it out all night with no luck forloop.hiplc
  13. particles velocity

    There are lots ways. You can write a few lines of code to control it using popwrangle, such as ' if(@Frame>25) v@v=0;' . Or you can reduce it gradually. Decrease the velocity when it reach certain threshold then make it to zero.
  14. Convert tris to quads

    Download the Houdini Game Dev tool , there is a sop node can do exactly what you want.
  15. RBD Sim wont behave as individual objects?

    Looked your file,I think you packed your geo as one object in assemble node. Remember to name your packed geo correctly with unique name too.