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  1. magnet force on two directions

    I think simply using volume advect particle trick can get what you want, also using vdb sdf to get nice force gradient. tube_attractor.hipnc
  2. scatter points on animated mesh

    another way is offset scatter points rest position using normal, and then in VEX using intersect function to found the prim uv, feed this uv in primuv function to find the new location of the point
  3. Emit Particles from particles

    sourcing these particles in pop source node and inherit velocity
  4. viscous liquid optimisation

    Hi, take a look at this guy's video,you have to experiment it yourself with creating those custom fields. I assume you wanna get the shape similar to the 3rd or 4rd one? To be honest I don't have a answer for your problem,pretty novice to fluid myself. Maybe I will try to replicate a bit on this.
  5. There is a simple solution to it, just isolate the frame when the attribute changes(Cd in my example file). Depends on your situation you may need modify it to suit your need. pop.hipnc
  6. viscous liquid optimisation

    Hey, how about add some gasturbulence to the flipsim to noise up the velocity, you can even set up a control field to control the turbulence field. I attached a simple file of gasturbulence setup. Then what you can do to make it better is setup temperature to control the viscosity and make a noise volume filed to control the turbulence field. Just my thought about this, hope it's helpful. apple.hipnc
  7. recording start frame

    take a look at this thread, I did a example of recording frame
  8. quick vex I did, hope it helpful AJ_Object_Stacking_Vex.hipnc
  9. connect one rope to another

    This guy did a good article on L_system for plant growth, maybe you could take a look, don't know if it gonna be helpful though. http://www.toadstorm.com/blog/?p=214
  10. pop trail by id

    Don't know what you want to achieve,but pop sim will automatically create unique id for each particle,using a trail and add by id,you can get the trailer you want. poptest.hipnc
  11. RBD sim from Miyazaki anime

    So I improve a bit but still it's nothing like the 2d animation,I'm out of ideas of how to improving it. It feels unstable compare to the gif animation. Can anyone take a look at my file and give any tips or suggestions? Maybe the way I'm doing it is not the correct way? gold.hipnc
  12. RBD sim from Miyazaki anime

    Thanks toadstorm, that reset id thing works like a charm! Also I found it hard to get the look right,the the pieces seems won't stack up like a little mountain but keep rolling down instead.
  13. RBD sim from Miyazaki anime

    Hey guys, I found this gif animation was very interesting, so decide to give it a try. Basically set initial vel for each packed pieces and emitter them at origin, it works fine if I set a large initial velocity. But if I trying to low the velocity to achieve the stacking/layering effect shown in the gif, the packed pieces get penetrated and won't stack up. Anyone know how to fix this? Or am I doing it wrong,maybe using grain? Any help please? gold.hipnc
  14. That's just an order issue in your merge2 node, switch them around and you can get the correct bridge
  15. just read that channel in wrangle, like something = ch('')? This didn't wok? By the way, if you are reading it from other node, you can create a spare parameter in the wrangle and drag that channel into this parameter.