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  1. Group edges

  2. Group edges

    Actually not, maybe my description is a bit confusing but I want those four long side edge loops without the top and bottom two
  3. Group edges

    Yeah, thanks for you effort, I was trying different ways of grouping yesterday but it always end up grouping all the surrounding edges, it's kind hard to manipulate edges in houdini.
  4. Camera question

    zoom in I guess
  5. Group edges

    Yeah, I did it manually, but I was trying to see if there is any procedural way of doing it
  6. Group edges

    Hi, guys, maybe this is stupid, but how should I group these four edges highlighted in the image below( the red and green edges except top two and bottom two edges)
  7. viewport interactive

    You can use V or X and Tab in viewport, V is mostly I used. You dont need to interact with viewport that much in Houdini though.
  8. How do you learn mantra?

    @davpe thanks, that's very helpful! @bunker yeah, I was rendering it with too high settings,thanks for the info.
  9. How do you learn mantra?

    So I tested a new one, just bumped the pixel samples to 5X5, and the render time increased to over 2 hours, which is insane. I think I definitely missed something out. One thing is that the geo is kind heavy with lots faces,maybe I will try some lower ploy geo later
  10. How do you learn mantra?

    @davpe Thanks David, that's very informative. It's indeed a shame that there is no one actually teaching mantra online(only some pretty old ones from sideFX), which probably is one of the reasons that mantra was not very popular among regular users. I have some basic knowledge of Arnold and ray tracing concept before switching to use Houdini, but still I found it confusing looking at all the tabs mantra has. (sampling and limits tab are all I have used for now) So, I was doing a test render yesterday, but even such a simple scene took my computer 50 mins(10 core E5 2640 with k4200), don't know it's suppose to be this slow or I did anything wrong here( all light with default settings , 4X4 pxiel samples, diffuse and refelction quality setting to 2 , diffuse limit to 1). I thought this was a very low setting but still it take such a long time. Is mantra not good at handling simple scene? also there are some issues with the indirect diffuse, dont know where those straight lines come from and the rectangle noise shape behind the figure. BOSIO_fix.OBJ figure_render.hipnc
  11. Didn't find any good mantra tutorial online that is complete and explain optimization stuff. I guess we got Houdini document which is helpful in some way but can you guys recommend any good learning material for mantra? How do you guys learn mantra? Just experiment it yourself by trying and guessing all the sliders, or you learn other render which gets plenty of tutorials online and transfer your knowledge to mantra?
  12. Limit value range

  13. Granis collision help

    Just use vdb volume as collision source, in my case it worked perfectly. Convex is like that, it's trying to calculate collision geo as no dent or no low ground. In you case, you can't get prefect collision shape using convex by increase geo detail. HourglassSim.hipnc
  14. Granis collision help

    Try giving your collision geo some thickness and inside dop, display your collision representation to see if the collision is correct.
  15. magnet force on two directions

    I think simply using volume advect particle trick can get what you want, also using vdb sdf to get nice force gradient. tube_attractor.hipnc