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  1. I'm trying to bake diffuse maps from multiple high-res objects at the same time with the GameDev Maps Baker. With one material (some tests worked with 2-3) everything works just fine but with multiple materials Houdini freezes in an endless COP loading screen (Compositing.. + timer counting). The materials are all Principled Shaders and different texture files / resolution or meshes don't change the outcome. Any ideas how to solve this problem or for a workaround? Thanks
  2. Thanks! I did watch that tutorial in advance and it was very helpful. My problem turned out to be simply a lack of writing permissions on one of the machines clients. Everything running now:)
  3. Hi, I have 2 a computer "farm" setup to render out PDG wedge iterations. Rendering it with Mantra works fine with local scheduler as well as with HQueue. Redshift works just fine with the local scheduler but when rendering with HQueue it renders out just one frame of my iterations without any error messages. The frames are numbered by @wedgeindex which apparently worked for 3/4 of the cases listed. Any ideas? Thanks Hendrik
  4. What kind of fabric do you want to wrap around the weapon? Do you want to achieve something similiar to this shrinkwrap example? https://dailyhip.wordpress.com/2017/02/26/shrink-wrap/
  5. Xgen Guides from Houdini Engine Curves

    Thanks:) But that is basically what I was trying to automate if possible to generate hair on procedural assets imported with Houdini Engine.
  6. Curves to Guides with Python/MEL Hi, For my current Houdini/Maya project I need a tool for quick conversion of externally generated curves to Xgen. Import works fine but couldn't figure out a way to convert via Python/MEL. cmds.xgmMakeGuideDynamic(createFromCurves = True,deleteCurves = False, preserveDynamicLink = False) Python code above failed with following error message (with Curves selected): # RuntimeError: No valid modifier node specified. # XGen: (kFailure): Unexpected Internal Failure # Thanks