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  1. What kind of fabric do you want to wrap around the weapon? Do you want to achieve something similiar to this shrinkwrap example? https://dailyhip.wordpress.com/2017/02/26/shrink-wrap/
  2. Xgen Guides from Houdini Engine Curves

    Thanks:) But that is basically what I was trying to automate if possible to generate hair on procedural assets imported with Houdini Engine.
  3. Curves to Guides with Python/MEL Hi, For my current Houdini/Maya project I need a tool for quick conversion of externally generated curves to Xgen. Import works fine but couldn't figure out a way to convert via Python/MEL. cmds.xgmMakeGuideDynamic(createFromCurves = True,deleteCurves = False, preserveDynamicLink = False) Python code above failed with following error message (with Curves selected): # RuntimeError: No valid modifier node specified. # XGen: (kFailure): Unexpected Internal Failure # Thanks